first_imgThere is the curious circumstance that it is the second consecutive meeting that happens with Atlético. In Valencia, Thomas scored 1-2 and the Ghanaian is also a talisman. When Thomas dials, his team does not lose. Thomas has 15 goals with the rojiblanca shirt, which has resulted in 12 wins and three draws for the Madrid team. Atletico did much of the work when Saul did 1-0 against Liverpool. The Madrid team came early on the scoreboard, which increased their victory options. And more to have scored the midfielder, since when he scores the Atlético does not lose. He has never done it. Saul has scored 37 goals in official competition with Atlético and his team was never defeated with their goals. The balance is fantastic for Saul. His 37 goals have meant 33 wins and four matches for the Madrid team. He has the record of Atlético players in this regard. Another talisman footballer for Atlético in the current squad is Carrasco. The Belgian has scored 17 goals with his team and that meant 16 wins and a draw. After the goals of Thomas and Saul, it would be nice to play against Villarreal this Sunday and to score. That would mean that Atlético would not miss a LaLiga match that is also very important for the rojiblancos.center_img On the list of talisman players are soccer players such as Schuster, Mirando or Filipe Luis. And also revulsive players like Sabas. When they scored Atlético he never fell defeated.Undefeated players when they scored (minimum 10 games)Saul: 37 (33 goals / 04 draws)Vazquez: 27 (25 g / 02 e)Gameiro: 22 (20 g / 02 e)Carrasco: 17 (16 g / 01 e)Schuster: 16 (15 g / 01 e)Thomas: 15 (12 g / 03 e)Moya: 14 (13 g / 01e)Miranda: 13 (12 g / 01e)Filipe Luis: 12 (11 g / 01e)Did you know: 11 (09 g / 02e)Sunday: 10 (09g / 01last_img read more

first_imgThe cold statistic says that only 7% of the occasions in which the local team loses in the first leg manages to overcome in the return match in European competitions. An added challenge for Madrid, which must be traced on March 17 in Etihad on 1-2 suffered Wednesday against City. There is a happy precedent. Only one to look at. It was in 1970, in the knockout round of the extinct Recopa (it was played by the Cup champions of each country).The whites, trained by Miguel Muñoz, lost in the first leg at the Bernabéu against Wacker Innsbruck 0-1, in a bad game and with little atmosphere. On the return, played on November 4, 1970, the Real Madrid players gave a joy to the Spanish emigrants who were seen in the stands of the Tivoli Stadion thanks to the goals of Grande and the Cadiz Manolín Bueno.That Madrid would end up playing the final of the Recopa against Chelsea in Athens, which he lost after a playoff game.Real Madrid 0 – Wacker 1, 10-21-1970, European Cup Winners Cup, round of 16 (first leg)REAL MADRID, 0: Miguel Angel; José Luis, De Felipe, Benito, Sanchis; Pirri, Grande, Velázquez; Amancio, Marañón and Manolin Good. Ortuño and Miguel Pérez also played. WACKER INNSBRUCK, 1: Rettensteiner; Eschmuller, Werner, Kriess, Eigenstiller; Binder, Francescin, Obert, Grausam; Ettmayer and Jara. Welny also played.GOAL. 0-1 (22 ‘): GraussmannREFEREE. Van ravens, Dutch.STADIUM. Santiago Bernabeu. About 30,000 spectators on a night of cold and winter cold. Wacker 0 – Real Madrid 2, 04-11-1970, European Cup Winners Cup, round of 16 (lap)WACKER INNSBRUCK, 0: Rettensteiner; Eschmuller, Werner, Kriess, Eigenstiller; Binder, Francescin, Obert, Grausam; Ettmayer and Jara. Sikic also playedREAL MADRID, 2: Miguel Angel; José Luis, Zoco, Benito, Sanchis; Grande, Pirri, Velázquez; Miguel Pérez, Fleitas and Manolín Bueno. There were no changes.GOALS. 0-1 (77 ‘): Big. 0-2 (83 ‘): Manolin Good.REFEREE. Zsolt, Hungarian.STADIUM. Tivoli Stadion from Innsbruck. Full. 18,000 spectatorslast_img read more

first_img“Given the measures that are being taken by the Government, and the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), in relation not only to the fact of activities with the public, but especially in the condition of workers, and collecting the feeling as a union for the purposes, we request that the measures that are carried out be presided over by the guarantee of minimum risk of the players of all categories. And for this, expressly, we have requested the suspension of ALL the parties, of ALL divisions and of ALL categories of both sexes.Given the situation, we have made this request thinking exclusively about the health of the players, groups we represent. And what is not of receipt is that this fact is not taken into account, beyond which we understand it is necessary to avoid large agglomerations due to the increased risk that this entails. A risk that is not only avoided with the absence of public in the parties. In addition, playing by system in fields closed to the public for several weeks undermines the meaning of sports competitions.On the other hand, we want to insist on the importance of having football players informed with a fluid dialogue between sports agents. Any player who has any questions or problems in this regard, can contact our association. Finally, to influence the importance of the responsibility that all sports agents have for the protection of public health and the prevention of contagion. “Several teams claim suspensionIn addition to the union, several clubs have formally requested the suspension of First and Second Division in the 28th and 29th days of the championship. The position they have taken around the subject reflects two of the visions that are becoming more widespread in the world of sports. Celta, meanwhile, believes that “football without fans is pointless and playing behind closed doors is totally inappropriate.”On the contrary, Zaragoza has issued an official statement in which it considers that “only in this way will the essence of football be guaranteed and the health of all players, soccer players and fans will be safeguarded.” “The protocol proposed by the Higher Sports Council and communicated by LaLiga to Real Zaragoza does not resolve the fundamental issue of guaranteeing the health of the protagonists,” the entity closes.Oviedo collects both positions: “The argument for the request for the postponement of both meetings addresses two reasons: to guarantee the health of players, coaching staff, and staff who work on match days at the Carlos Tartiere stadium; and the damage it entails for our fans, which in each game shows their support for the team and the entity, and they are seriously harmed by the decision to play the games behind closed doors. It is understood that both games should be played on other dates, and with public in the stands. ” In addition, he urges his rivals to share his proposal.Las Palmas speaks of “inability to dispute in normal circumstances” his match against Girona and asks to postpone the duel. Deportivo also joins the general claim: “Dozens of professionals who make it possible to hold a LaLiga match should be protected. “The Galician club adds that it must be postponed” until this crisis is over. “In addition to football, basketball clubs such as Obradoiro or Montakit Fuenlabrada have issued their position in social networks. The Spanish players that make up the professional clubs of the main national categories are increasingly safer and more united around the same idea: go beyond the two days decreed behind closed doors and stop the competition for the Coronavirus crisis. In fact, Getafe players have already refused to travel to Milan to play against Inter and LaLiga already plans to stop the championship shortly. Many professionals consulted recognize it off the record without wanting to alarm, others are already sliding it in their statements in the media and on social networks and all, absolutely all those consulted today by the Association of Spanish Soccer Players agree on the approach: “Why do we play behind closed doors and the competition is not suspended as has been done in other categories? Are we not all the same? Is the health of a 15-year-old child whom they have sent home and not trained today, with all the logic of the world, more important than that of an adult of 24? We are people before football players and we are not immune to diseases. “The footballers, represented by several active players on the board of directors of AFE, believe that we must put themselves in the hands of the specialists and act according to the Government and health institutions. However, the concern is making a dent and they don’t stop asking for information from their union because they don’t understand the current situation. They would not like to verify that the decisions that are being made have to do with other interests (money, televisions, football as a distraction from citizens …) and not with health. “We don’t want to feel used,” summary. One of them, captain of a Second team, goes further: “They will ignore us until a footballer is infected, something that can happen because of a simple statistical question. Hopefully not.” Aganzo is blunt: “If the competition is not suspended we will take action …”.“There is fear of contagion and not all clubs are Barça, Madrid or Atlético, which often travel by charter,” says another reputed captain of one of the first European teams. Numerous teams move by train and there they coincide with people who, perfectly, can be infected without even having been treated. The panic of soccer players, such as that of the general population, focuses on the risk of contagion due to the consequences it may have for some family members with various pathologies. According to any of these cases consulted, if there were total freedom of decision and there were no consequences, nobody would want to play this weekend. The problem with that, as in any other job, would be that a unilateral decision of that draft would be understood in the clubs as neglecting work occupations and as unjustified abandonment of the job, which could lead to penalties and, taken to a case extreme, even layoffs coming. Although players can not telework like other citizens and although we are talking about exceptional measures that concern health.Three letters from AFE to CSD, RFEF and LaLigaThe Association of Spanish Footballers has sent different letters to the Higher Sports Council (CSD), Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and LaLiga on Tuesday in which moves a strong proposal: immediately suspend all games of all categories in Spanish football.The soccer union has issued a statement explaining its reasons. This is the full text with which they have addressed these institutions in relation to the expansion of Covid-19:last_img read more

first_imgKlopp said that many of you have not played in Anfiedl. Is it good that Morata or Trippier did?For us as players it is important that a partner help you. Sometimes the opinions of the master is his opinion and we are here to try to do our job and achieve what we want.João Félix gave a great level against Sevilla …We know how important João Félix is, we must all be together and play as a team.I don’t know if it’s complicated that they can put aside the coronavirus …We found out that it can happen that we can play without an audience, it’s nice to play with fans, but if the risk goes down, people don’t care. We have to concentrate and achieve what we want. Do you favor playing behind closed doors?It does not depend on the players, it depends on FIFA and the people who organize the matches. I’m here to help the team and if something happens it has to beAre they afraid of being infected?No, we are in a hotel all together, we have people who protect us.In the English team they believe that Anfield will be able with Atlético …We are prepared, it is a dream to play in Anfield against them and I hope it is something that remains forever in my career. We know it will be difficult.last_img read more

first_imgThe subsidiary accumulates two years in an almost endless rosary of serious injuries (Fran García, Feuillassier …). “It seems they have put a curse on us,” they said at the club. This course, three stood out. Cesar Gelabert, called to be the figure of Castilla, last July he fractured his clavicle and then had a problem in the nasal septum that forced him to play with a mask. The result? Only 13 games with the team. Brazilian Rodrigo Rodrigues (cost € 1M in 2018) suffered a meniscus tear and Peter, the starting point, the tears of the anterior cruciate ligament, the external meniscus, and the internal meniscus.’Gual interruptus’ … and a lot of inexperienceAmong the almost picturesque situations that this reduced end of season will offer for Castilla is that of the scorer Marc Gual. That injury from Pedro in January forced the club to mobilize. He managed the emergency signing of Gual within hours of the market closing for just six months (he is on loan from Sevilla). After only six games (and two goals) will have to end his brief stint as a Real Madrid player abruptly. Reinier, after scoring Coruxo with Castilla.JUAN AGUADO Raúl, giving instructions in a preseason game.PEPE ANDRES It has been noted, without that help from a player who came from Second, the inexperience. Raúl’s idea was to have boys still in Youth age. He debuted in Las Rozas with a lineup that averaged only 19 years. The youngest, along with Las Palmas Atlético, of the 80 clubs that make up the Segunda B … He has also had to work with four goalkeepers (Altube, Belman -now injured-, Fuidias and Lucas Cañizares). Despite that Beardless castile and injuries, seven had found his eleven …I stop the Youth and there will be exitsThe talents that were coming out in Juvenile A of Poyatos and they must be the base of the next Castilla (Morante, Sintes, Gutiérrez …) have not been able to tan in the final stretch of the campaign. Neither Youth League (the eighths were suspended against Juventus), nor the King’s Cup nor the Champions Cup, if they qualified. That litter will go up without that baggage to the jungle that is the Second B.Furthermore, Raúl knows that the club will have to reconfigure Castilla. They are professional footballers and the outings take precedence, because they have offers on the table. There are youth squads with many girlfriends (Gelabert, Blanco, Baeza …) and others who by age have completed a cycle and are ready to jump (Javi Hernández, De la Fuente …). This summer, with First and Second Clubs eager for quality transfers not to spend on transfers, from the outside you look at Castilla with greed… The RFEF proposal to settle the promotions to Second with the playoff counting only the top four finishers in each group before the break leaves Castilla, seventh in Group I of Segunda B, offside. Raul and their kids waited for a ray of hope not to give up the course because of the Covid-19. Thus, the coach and the castillistas ‘teleworked’ as best they could from home, thinking of resuming a season that was beginning to go up. It cannot be. Raúl’s first project with Castilla remains as an unfinished work… Without Reinier and many serious injuriesFor several reasons, Raúl began the preseason with an exceptional attack (Kubo and Rodrygo) and ran out of them. The Japanese did not get to play any official match before leaving on loan to Mallorca and Rodrygo, just two before being claimed by Zidane. Just before the break, Rodrygo fell again against Sanse and was a cyclone, with a great goal included. The Brazilian Reinier (18 years old) was going to have a good time in the subsidiary and had offered two goals and one assist after joining Madrid in January for € 35M. “He will give us great things because he is very talented, it will be important,” said Raúl himself. It was going to be a differential factor. Another year in Segunda B when the subsidiary was going upNobody in the club, from the leadership (Florentino Pérez) to the immediate leadership (Ramón Martínez, responsible for Factory) you demanded in summer Raúl ascend to Castilla Second. To the seven he is seen as a future heir to Zidane on the bench of the first team and as with the Marseillaise, Castilla is a formative step, without pressure. With everything and with that, the coronavirus has cut off the possibility of a promotion that would remove the subsidiary from the bronze category, where it has lived since 2014.But it’s gone from less to more this year. Castilla bottomed out in Mareo on November 3. He fell 3-0 at halftime against Sporting B, there was raulina Raúl in the locker room and the subsidiary almost came back (4-2). The character of seven is noted. Castilla came to watch the relegation zone closely because outside Valdebebas it has been a disaster (it would be 16th in the table if only points were scored at home). It was x-rayed by the Ibiza coach, veteran Pablo Alfaro. “This Castilla can have a fantastic day and another very minor …”. Even so, Raúl was achieving regularity in his pupils. In the last five games before the break, three wins and one draw. Castilla was going up.last_img read more

first_imgThe The Worldwide Board has authorized in a telematic assembly held this Friday that 5 changes might be made within the 90 minutes of every recreation, and the choice (nonetheless beneath dialogue) of a sixth in those that want an extension, though this additional substitution can be left to the consideration of every federation. The situation is that the 5 substitutions are made in three moments of the match, to keep away from unjustified lack of time. The measure has been authorized on a brief foundation, but it surely might be prolonged no less than till the Qatar World Cup. The change is justified in the necessity to defend the well being of the players in opposition to the influence of the pandemic and the matches which might be going to be held on summer season dates, particularly in international locations like Spain. As well as, following the directions of FIFA, the RFEF Government Committee has authorized one other sequence of measures that can even be introduced later right now. So, League calls are elevated and coaches can carry 23 players collectively, two greater than the legislation allowed till now. Additionally new is the approval of two pauses for hydration, which can be prolonged to 5 if there are extensions.Different agreements made right now by the Delegate Fee chaired by Luis Rubiales and through which the AFE (Tello has been its consultant), LaLiga (Manuel Vizcaíno, president of Cádiz), the referees (GIl Manzano) and the coaches have additionally participated (Lopetegui) have been that the restart of the Championship video games are held no less than each 72 hours.last_img read more

first_imgThe heavyweights will be busy today. Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Yohan Blake, Elaine Thompson and Warren Weir will all get their season going at today’s Camperdown Classics inside the National Stadium and the Milo Western Relays set for Catherine Hall in Montego Bay.In Kingston, the majority of athletes from the Racers Track Club are expected to be on show with the notable exception being the world’s fastest man Usain Bolt.In addition to Blake and Weir, the likes of Edino Steele, Zharnel Hughes and Kemar Bailey-Cole are expected to open up in the 400m, which get under way at 4:30pm.The newest member of the club, Michael O’Hara will also compete for the first time for his new club as he is down to participate in the 200m.Today’s event will be the final leg of the Digicel Grand Prix series for high school athletes in the Corporate Area to qualify for next Saturday’s finale at G.C. Foster College.Athletes from Calabar High, who were absent from the Corporate Area meet in midweek are expected to be at today’s Classics in large numbers and in addition to the Grand Prix, there will also be cash incentives for the top male and female high school teams in the Class One 4x100m relays.In the west, fierce competition is expected as the high-powered MVP Track Club arsenal will be on show with Sprintech and G.C. Foster College providing the challenge.RELAY TEAMSMVP will be relying on world and Olympic champion Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Elaine Thompson and Stephenie-Ann McPherson in the female relays, while the likes of Julian Forte and Nesta Carter will provide leadership among the males.Sprintech has a formidable squad themselves with Sherone Simpson, Anneisha McLaughlin, Jura Levy and Gayon Evans carrying the flag for the Maurice Wilson-coached unit.We should also see fireworks in the high school category as Edwin Allen, Holmwood Technical and Hydel will lock horns. Among the males, all eyes will be on St. Elizabeth Technical following their fine performances at Western Championships last Saturday with the red hot Nigel Ellis and Jauvaney James leading the way.Action gets under way at the Camperdown Classics at 8:30 a.m. with the Western Relay starting at noon.last_img read more

first_imgSATURDAY,  MARCH 5 WATFORD VS LEICESTER CITY, VICARAGE ROAD WATFORD (4-4-2) GOMES, NYOM, BRITOS, CATHCART, ANYA, ABDI, WATSON, CAPOUE, JURADO, IGHALO, DEENEY OKAZAKI, VARDY, ALBRIGHTON, DRINKWATER, KING, MAHREZ, FUCHS, HUTH, MORGAN, SIMPSON, SCHMEICHEL LEICESTER (4-4-2) After this week’s midweek games Leicester City are three points clear of their closest rivals with 10 games to go. Though Leicester drew 2-2 with West Bromwich Albion on Tuesday, defeats for Spurs, Arsenal and Manchester City leaves Claudio Ranieri’s team in charge in the Barclays Premier League. On Wednesday Watford lost 1-0 at Manchester United, leaving them in 12th place in the Premier League. The Hornets have now failed to score in six of their last eight Premier League matches. And Watford have scored just 13 goals in 14 home league games and when they went to the King Power Stadium in November they lost 2-1. Only once before have these teams met at Vicarage Road in the Premier League in February 2000 and it ended in a 1-1 draw. Leicester were unbeaten in their first nine away games, winning six and drawing three. But their most recent away fixtures have seen then win just twice while losing twice and drawing the other. The Foxes still boast the most victories (16), fewest defeats (3) and most goals scored (51); their goals for is already five more than they netted over the whole of last season and just four short of their highest number of Premier League goals, in the 1999-00 campaign. Watford, meanwhile, have won just once in their last five league games at Vicarage Road. The home side are still without Jurado and Tommy Hoban while Leicester suffered a blow when N’Golo Kante was ruled out for two weeks with a hamstring problem.last_img read more

first_imgKINGSTON:Some fresh faces were in the winner’s circle as the Jamaica Squash Association staged its first junior tournament of 2016 at the Liguanea Club in Kingston, recently.In the girls’ Under-13 age group, newcomer Alia Haddad emerged the winner after beating Madeline Jones 11-3, 11-6. Similarly, in the boys’ Under 13 B category, debutant Luke Hussey beat Josh Shirley 11-8, 11-6 and Mathew Sewell 11-1, 11-3 to take the top position. Shirley and Sewell were second and third, respectively.Asher breakthroughAnother breakthrough winner was John Paul Asher, who came out on top in the boys’ Under 15 age group. Firing on all cylinders, Asher beat second place finisher, Kyle Haddad, 11-1, 11-5 and dished out an 11-5, 11-0 defeat to Alex Desnoes, who was third.However, while some of the newcomers had an impact, some of the seasoned campaigners also made their presence felt. All Jamaica Under 15 girls champion, Mia Mahfood, took care of business, beating long-time rival Mia Lake 11-5, 11-9 to win her age category.In the same vein, All Jamaica Under 11 boys’ champion, Tobias Levy, topped the Under 13 boys’ competition after posting an 11-6, 11-4 win over Aman Dhiman, who finished second; and an 11-5, 11-2 beating to Brady Holmes, who finished third.”It was exciting to see new faces taking top positions in some age groups, while some of our stronger players are continuing to shine,” said Junior Squash Programme manager, Gill Binnie.”It’s early days yet, but we’re seeing positive signs from our juniors as we start the preparation for the Caribbean Championships this summer.”last_img read more

first_imgCASTRIES, St Lucia (CMC):The Australian duo of Mike Hussey and Shane Watson have congratulated St Lucia Zouks teammate Darren Sammy, following the St Lucia government’s decision to rename the Beausejour Cricket Ground in his honour.Watson, who retired from international cricket following the recent Twenty20 World Cup in India, hailed Sammy as a “great leader” and said he was looking forward to playing alongside him at the Zouks’ home ground in Gros Islet.”I knew when I first signed up for CPL how passionate the West Indies public are, but to receive this news about the St Lucia government’s decision to rename the national stadium in honour of one of their favourite sporting sons is a huge thing, especially for someone so young, who has so much top-level cricket ahead of him,” Watson said.”Darren is a great leader and a true champion in all regards, and I know how passionate he is about the Zouks. He deserves this accolade for the manner he has led the West Indies team, and this is an honour for all time.”It really excites me about being a part of CPL 2016, and I can’t wait to step out on the Darren Sammy National Cricket Stadium this summer.”Hussey, meanwhile, affectionately known as ‘Mr Cricket’, called the honour for Sammy an “incredible accolade”, and heaped praises on West Indies for winning the T20 World Cup.”To win a world title for your country is the ultimate accolade and I would like to offer my congratulations to fellow Zouks man Darren Sammy, coach Phil Simmons, and the West Indies team on their win last weekend in the ICC World T20,” said Hussey, who averaged 51 in 79 Tests and 48 from 185 one-dayers.Sammy led West Indies to the second T20 World Cup title when the Caribbean side beat England by four wickets in the final of the tournament in India last Sunday.last_img read more