first_imgTORONTO — The late “Mr. Dressup” children’s entertainer Ernie Coombs, actor Will Arnett, and Olympic speedskater Cindy Klassen are among the new inductees to Canada’s Walk of Fame.The class of 2019 was announced Thursday evening during an event that featured Randy Bachman and Burton Cummings performing together for the first time in a decade.Organizers noted two more inductees will be revealed at a later date.Announced! Congratulations to our 2019 Canada’s Walk of Fame Inductees @TriumphTheBand, @arnettwill, @JTreliving, #MrDressup, #DrJamesNaismith, #FrankGehry, @cindy_klassen and @markmessier! Today, tomorrow and well into the future, #CanadaThrives because of its people.— Canada’s Walk of Fame (@CWOFame) July 19, 2019Other names on this year’s list include rock band Triumph, architect Frank Gehry, and Hockey Hall of Famer Mark Messier.The new inductees also include “Dragons’ Den” entrepreneur and pizza-chain mogul Jim Treliving, and the late physician and basketball inventor Dr. James Naismith.The annual walk of fame event honours accomplishments in fields including music, sports, film and television, literary, visual and performing arts, science, innovation, philanthropy and social justice.This year’s inductions will take place at the Canada’s Walk of Fame Awards Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on Nov. 23.“We are building a much more robust national platform to shine a bright light on these extraordinary Canadians who join the amazing inductees of the past 20 years,” Jeffrey Latimer, CEO of Canada’s Walk of Fame, said in a statement.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

first_imgAdvertisement Facebook Twitter TORONTO – Acclaimed Toronto author Margaret Atwood and former CBC News anchor Peter Mansbridge will be honoured at next year’s Canadian Screen Awards.The Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television says they will be among nine recipients of a special award at the March 11 show in Toronto.Atwood, whose books have inspired the recent series “The Handmaid’s Tale” and “Alias Grace,” will get the Academy Board of Directors’ Tribute for “her commitments to the growth of the Canadian media industry.” Login/Register With: LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Mansbridge will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award “for his exceptional lifetime of work, which has had a profound impact on the media industry in Canada and abroad.”The Margaret Collier Award will be awarded posthumously to Denis McGrath “for his exceptional body of written work.”Other special awards recipients include Jay Switzer, Clark Johnson, Pat Ellingson, Karyn Pugliese, the “Rick Mercer Report” series, and Bell Let’s Talk campaign.© 2017 The Canadian Press Advertisement Advertisementlast_img read more

first_img(Editor’s note: This week APTN National News presented guest columns on missing and murdered Indigenous women. The last opinion piece is by the sister of Bella Laboucan-McLean who died mysteriously last year in Toronto when she fell 31 floors from a balcony of a condo filled with people. Police have laid no charges and don’t expect to.)By Melina Laboucan-MassimoSpecial to APTN National NewsThe day I found out that my sister Bella had been found dead on the terrace of a high-rise condo near Toronto’s waterfront, without an explanation of why or how she fell, was the day I understood what it feels like to grieve so deeply and so immensely that nothing else matters.It felt like there was no end to the screaming sadness.When I let myself feel the horror and the pain from that day, I am reminded of all the memories that Bella and I had together growing up and all the future moments we will not share. Bella will not be there the day I finally bring a child into this world and my children will never know her, or be able to look into her eyes, or call her aunty.When asked what missing and murdered Indigenous women means to me, I think of pain, grief, shock, sadness, and anger. I think of the empty void that families suffer after experiencing the loss of a cherished and loved one in such drastic, traumatic, and violent ways that no woman or man should ever be subjected to.I think of the ripple effects that families experience after a tragic event like this happens and how a family copes with this trauma. I think of the younger generation in each family, who must try to understand that their mother, sister, aunt, or grandmother has not only been taken but continues to be inhumanly disrespected and disregarded after their death.It’s one of the many scars on Canada’s history and present-day reality that Prime Minister Harper and others pretend does not exist.Every day, I think of my youngest sibling who has been suicidal and in and out of the hospital for the past year, reeling from the trauma of our sister Bella’s passing. I think of the continual grief that grows when each family learns of their loved one’s passing or disappearance and how this has created decades of generational trauma.On the hardest and heaviest days, I think not only of my own family’s experience, but of the many Indigenous families who need support after experiencing this – but do not have it.Bella Laboucan-McLean.With the increased visibility of MMIW over the past number of years, one of the building debates we see in the media and now in Parliament is about an inquiry on MMIW. After asking other families of missing and murdered loved ones, I found, amidst a range of responses, a number of truths that we agree upon.Whether called an inquiry, commission, or “action plan,” this process must first and foremost take its direction and leadership from the families of MMIW.Yes, dealing with this widespread issue will inevitably include a variety of segments of society – academics, politicians, community advocates, lawyers, and police – but the involvement of families must not be tokenistic, as it often has been in the past. Instead, there should be a sincere methodology that is informed by families and community leadership on how to deal with the issues of MMIW.An inquiry shouldn’t just focus on confirming what we already know – that there is a problem – but should include community-based and Indigenous-led solutions. If a wide spectrum of families and communities are not involved from the onset of such a plan, it will not succeed. It is families and communities of MMIW who best understand the breadth, depth, and root causes of this issue and what solutions could and should look like.Indigenous governance and justice systems need to be foundational. If there is an inquiry, it is also necessary to inspect how the police are dealing with the cases of MMIW and to require that the RCMP and local police departments share their files with families, especially when cases are unsolved and are idle like my sister’s case. It is imperative that we develop and implement policies that prevent inaction on these cases, which makes the police complicit in allowing the numbers of MMIW to grow.Another unknown in this polarizing debate is what exactly an “inquiry” would entail.If the goal of this inquiry was to determine whether or not the police have been doing their due diligence to solve the cases of MMIW and give a comparative analysis of time spent on the cases of MMIW versus time spent on crimes against non-Indigenous women, then I might be more inclined to agree that it is necessary. But if millions of dollars are going to be spent on verifying if the issue of MMIW is a problem, then, no, we do not need more research to recognize that there is a serious problem we need to address. What we do need recognition of is that violence against Indigenous women has systemic causes that are colonial in nature. The Harper government needs to recognize the impacts government policies have had and continue to have on Indigenous communities that leave Indigenous women in precarious and vulnerable positions in society.Until the Canadian government recognizes the root causes of violence against Indigenous women, their so-called “action plan” will never succeed.The Harper government’s “action plan” released on Sept. 15 once again places the blame on Indigenous communities. It insinuates that violence against our women happens solely within our communities.This is far from the truth.This violence is also inflicted upon our women from non-Indigenous men. This is a Canadian problem, not solely a First Nations problem.We need to unpack the patriarchal, racist, and colonial mentalities of Canadian society to ultimately address the reasons why Indigenous women’s lives are not valued in Canadian society as much as the lives of white women.We need to hold those who perpetrate violence against women accountable. There are at least 1,200 Indigenous women that have been murdered or gone missing. There is no denying that if 1,200 white women were missing or had been murdered there would be uproar and Harper’s approach would be instantaneous and dramatic. … a far cry from his current response. A better approach would be to support spaces for healing from the legacy of trauma instead of continuing the victim-blaming narrative that we see from the conservative government and the RCMP report from earlier this year.We continue to see the principles of patriarchy embedded in old colonial values, which play out in Canadian society today. For example, the industrial system of resource extraction in Canada is predicated on systems of power and domination. This system is based on the raping and pillaging of Mother Earth as well as violence against women.The two are inextricably linked.With the expansion of extractive industries, not only do we see desecration of the land, we see an increase in violence against women. Rampant sexual violence against women and a variety of social ills result from the influx of transient workers in and around workers’ camps.In Harper’s pro-tar sands, mining, drilling in the arctic, and fracking agenda, we see his disregard for the sacredness of this earth, just as we see his lack of care or concern for the hundreds of murdered and missing Indigenous women across this land. Not only does the Conservative’s “action plan” not address this violence we see in the unsafe industrialized zones, it places the blame on Indigenous women and communities.Recently, the Harper government announced the discovery in Canada’s high arctic of a doomed Franklin expedition missing since 1846. The Conservative government’s Arctic policy aims to militarize the region and lay claim to the Arctic Ocean’s vast oil reserves, which Russia, China, and Denmark are eyeing in an ever-growing territorial dispute.Harper proved that he has no respect for  Indigenous knowledge through his government taking credit in the most colonial reinforcing fashion by “re-discovering” Franklin’s sunken ship, with no regard of Inuit oral history which knew of the ship’s location for over a century. On this trip, when Harper was once again questioned about MMIW, he responded “I think we should not view this as sociological phenomenon. We should view it as crime.”  This perspective completely ignores the relationship between colonization and the root causes of violence against women.As people continue to call for a national inquiry, I would suggest that we first agree upon what exactly such an inquiry should look like and ensure that this process will be led by those immediately impacted instead of a team of bureaucrats who are disconnected from the reality of this issue. We know the problems intimately and we can collectively articulate the community-based solutions necessary to address the issue of MMIW.While we wait for politicians to debate the issues of MMIW, ultimately we know #ItStartsWithUs. While continuing to push for change we must find ways to make our communities safer. It is essential that our communities rise up and take back control of our Nations to ensure that our women are safe. We have work to do regardless of what the government does: we need to rebuild, heal, and restore what we have lost. Colonial violence is alive and well, but Indigenous peoples are strong, courageous, and resilient. All of us are needed in this work to rebuild our communities, families, and Nations.The day my sister passed away was the day Toronto became an unsafe place for me, filled with memories of pain and loss.Despite this, I will continue to do this work in honour of my sister and all the women who have lost their lives. I pray for justice and healing for the families across this land who have suffered the immense loss of their loved ones, who are the very fabric of who we are – the life givers of our Nations – and I ask that we, as Indigenous peoples, come together to both demand the respect that we deserve and help each other heal.Melina Laboucan-Massimo holds a piece of Bella Laboucan-McLean’s beaded artwork. Photo courtesy of family.last_img read more

first_imgHoliday tips are a way to thank the people who make your life easier. So why is it so hard to figure out whom to tip and how much?Guides published by etiquette experts don’t always agree on what’s appropriate. What people actually do is another matter altogether.Only about half of Americans give any holiday tips, according to a recent Consumer Reports survey, and those who do tip often give less than the amounts recommended by etiquette experts. For example, 56 per cent of those who had housekeepers gave them a tip, and the median amount was $50. The manners mavens at the Emily Post Institute suggests the tip equal the cost of one visit, which according to HomeAdvisor averages at $167.Plenty of people don’t even realize that holiday tipping is a thing. Others want to tip but struggle with budgets already strained by other holiday spending.“From an etiquette standpoint, we try not to say, ‘You have to do it exactly like this otherwise it’s wrong,’” says etiquette expert Lizzie Post, co-president of the Emily Post Institute in Burlington, Vermont. “There are so many varied relationships that we have, or our budgets might not be able to accommodate it the way our hearts would like.”Ideally, your holiday tipping list would include everyone who makes your life easier by providing you with regular service throughout the year — but if you get a lot of help, that can get expensive. Here are some guidelines that may help you decide whom to tip, and how:1. CASH IS OFTEN BEST, BUT NOT ABSOLUTELY REQUIREDIf you can afford to give only a few dollars, a small gift or homemade item may be a better way of expressing appreciation. Post remembers her parents baking cookies and making candy for their mail carriers, garbage collectors and newspaper delivery folks. Of course, not everyone is good in the kitchen — or welcomes homemade goodies.2. MATCH THE TIP TO THE RELATIONSHIPThe amount you give can reflect the quality and frequency of your interactions. You might tip an occasional babysitter the equivalent of one evening’s pay, for example, while a live-in nanny could get a bonus equal to one week’s pay, or more. A small gift in addition to a tip is a nice touch when the relationship is more personal.A tip roughly equal to the cost of a single visit might be appropriate for:—Housekeepers—Babysitters—Dog walkers and groomers—Personal trainers—Pool cleaners—Snow shovelers—Hairstylists or barbers—Massage therapists, facialists and manicuristFor others, Post says, amounts can vary:—Yard and garden workers ($20 to $50 each)—Trash and recycling collectors ($10 to $30)—Handyman ($15 to $40)—Package deliverer ($20, if allowed; check with the company)—U.S. Postal Service mail carriers (small gift only; no cash, per USPS rules)—Day care workers ($25 to $75 each for those who work with your child; check with facility)—Newspaper deliverer ($10 to $30)—Building superintendents ($20 to $80)—Doormen ($15 to $80)—Parking attendants ($10 to $30)3. NOT EVERY HELPER SHOULD BE TIPPEDIf you tip someone regularly throughout the year, a holiday tip may not be necessary. Cash tips also aren’t appropriate for certain people, such as professionals (doctors, lawyers, accountants) and anyone who works for an entity that prohibits them. For government workers, for example, a tip can look like a bribe. Check with nursing homes, home health care providers, package delivery companies and day care centres, especially, before tipping individual workers. Post suggests that instead of tipping your children’s teachers, offer to buy classroom supplies or go in with other parents on a gift or gift card.4. MAKE IT PRETTYFresh, crisp bills tucked into a card with a handwritten note? Classy. Wadded bills thrust at the service provider on your way out the door? Not so much. Ditto leaving an extra-large tip on a credit card receipt. Something’s certainly better than nothing, but putting some care into your presentation can demonstrate that you really do appreciate what they do for you.5. TIP EARLYIn the past, I’ve scrambled to deal with holiday tips. This year, I started writing thank-you notes before Thanksgiving and plan to deliver the tips by early December. Tipping as early as possible in the holiday season means the people you’re trying to reward have extra cash for their holiday spending — which may include giving out their own holiday tips.______This column was provided to The Associated Press by the personal finance website NerdWallet .Liz Weston is a columnist at NerdWallet , a certified financial planner and author of “Your Credit Score.” Email: . Twitter: @lizweston.RELATED LINK:NerdWallet: How to Create a Budget Weston, The Associated Presslast_img read more

first_imgFREDERICTON — New Brunswick’s new premier is trying to revive the Energy East pipeline — even though the original proponent says the project is dead.TransCanada Corporation abandoned the $15.7-billion project more than a year ago, after the National Energy Board modified the environmental assessment process.But Premier Blaine Higgs, along with some other premiers and federal politicians, are again pushing the proposed pipeline as a way to get more western crude to refineries in Eastern Canada and for export to foreign markets.Ontario and Quebec have also new elected new premiers this year, and Higgs said he thinks Energy East could be viable.“The fact that Ontario has said they’re not opposed to oil coming through the province, there’s a hurdle that’s now gone. We know that Manitoba and Saskatchewan are fine and we know Alberta is looking for a way out,” said Higgs.“We see Alberta now taking a strong position with buying rail cars and saying we’ve got to get our oil to market because they’re losing $80 million a day.”Higgs said he recognizes Quebec could still be a hurdle and he plans to discuss the project with Premier Francois Legault this week at a first ministers meeting in Montreal.“We’re talking about interprovincial trade. There are some key issues, and that’s one for us. It’s one that’s important for our province. We need some wins,” Higgs said.Higgs said he discussed Energy East two weeks ago with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He said Trudeau said he’d be willing to discuss the issue again if Higgs was able to get Quebec onside.But the biggest hurdle may be getting TransCanada interested again. The company cited the regulatory changes and “changed circumstances” as the reason for its pullout last year.In a statement, Terry Cunha, manager of communications for TransCanada, said their position had not changed.“We have no plans to revisit the project. We are focused on developing the more than $36 billion in commercially secured pipeline and power generation projects that we currently have underway across North America, including Keystone XL and the Coastal GasLink project in B.C.,” he wrote.Higgs said he’s not surprised by the Calgary-based company’s position.“If you spend $800 million and you get jerked around politically so that decisions aren’t made, instead it’s procrastinated on, and … then all of a sudden the rules change mid-stream and then you don’t have any path forward,” Higgs said.“I don’t blame them. I wouldn’t jump on the bandwagon yet either.”However, Higgs said he believes if a holding company was formed that applied to the National Energy Board and got the process well underway, then TransCanada might be willing to get back onboard.Federal Conservative Leader Andrew Sheer has also been a big Energy East supporter and has said that a federal Conservative government would seek to revive the project.Alberta Premier Rachel Notley said last week restarting the project makes a lot of sense.“Our government would be very interested of course in any effort that was geared towards another project to get our product to tidewater as well as to supply the Canadian market if we could find a way to do that more effectively,” she told reporters in Ottawa.“Quite frankly it is quite perverse that we are selling our oil in Alberta for $10 a barrel and then in eastern Canada we are importing from places like Saudi Arabia. This makes no sense.”Energy East would have seen much of the western crude going to the Irving Oil refinery in Saint John.Higgs said he has yet to discuss reviving Energy East with Irving, where he worked for more than three decades and retired as a senior executive before entering politics.“I know their interest would still be there because they would offset at least 100,000 barrels a day of foreign crude, maybe more. That commitment would still be there because they are still in operation and they are still buying foreign crude,” he said.But New Brunswick Green Leader David Coon said Higgs needs to switch 180 degrees — and instead look at reducing dependence on fossil fuels.“The World Meteorological Organization just announced a study that if we continue to follow the path we’re following now we are going to blast past the Paris agreement and get into three to five degrees of warming, which is catastrophic,” he said.But a study by the Canadian Energy Research Institute — released in January — concluded that refineries in central and Atlantic Canada would see lower supply costs and lower greenhouse gas emissions if they bought more Canadian crude oil.The study found that substituting Canadian oil wherever possible using space on existing pipelines, rail cars and ocean tankers would result in a 47-per-cent reduction in foreign oil imports into Eastern Canada, saving $210 million per year, and the equivalent of more than two million tonnes of carbon dioxide, or about 5.7 per cent.Kevin Bissett, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

first_imgNEW DELHI: A Delhi court directed the Tihar jail authorities on Saturday to produce CCTV footage on allegations of torture levelled by Christian Michel, an alleged middleman arrested in the AgustaWestland choppers scam case. Special judge Arvind Kumar directed the jail authorities to bring the CCTV recording of February 13 to 17 of jail number 7, where Michel was kept last month.The court had earlier sought the CCTV footage of jail number 1 and after going through it, had noted that the premises were clean and that good facilities were provided to Michel. Also Read – Gurdwara Bangla Sahib bans single use plasticOn March 14, the jail authorities had denied the allegations of torture levelled by Michel. Special public prosecutors D P Singh and N K Matta, appearing for the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Enforcement Directorate (ED) respectively, had told the court that the accused was a foreigner and was brought to India through extradition. ED’s counsel Samvedna Verma had told the court that “there is a responsibility of the country to ensure his security as per the treaty”. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murderOn March 12, Michel had told the court that former CBI special director Rakesh Asthana had met him in Dubai and had threatened to “make his life hell inside jail” here if he did not toe the line of the agency. “Sometime ago, Rakesh Asthana had met me in Dubai and had threatened that my life would be made hell in the jail and that is what is going on. My next door inmate is (gangster) Chhota Rajan…. I do not understand what crime I have committed to be put along with terrorists and those who have killed several people,” he had said. The jail authorities had said Michel was shifted to a high-risk prison considering threats to his life. The accused was arrested by the ED on December 22 last year after his extradition from Dubai. The court had previously lashed out at the jail authorities for failing to justify the shifting of Michel to a high-security cell in isolation, saying it would order an inquiry if it did not get a proper response. Michel is among the three alleged middlemen being probed in the Rs 3,600-crore VVIP choppers scam by the ED and the CBI. The other two are Guido Haschke and Carlo Gerosa.last_img read more

Rabat – King Mohammed VI will make a “historic” visit to Indonesia next December to take part in the 10th Bali Democracy Forum (BDF), announced Indonesia news outlet The Jakarta Post. The King’s participation in this international meeting was “confirmed” by Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita to Indonesian Deputy Foreign Minister Abdurrahman Mohammad Fashir at a meeting on November 3 in Rabat, the news site added.The Indonesian minister issued an official invitation on behalf of his government to the King, inviting him to the Bali Forum. The visit of King Mohammed VI to the largest Muslim majority country will be the first of its kind. In 2013, Indonesia and Morocco agreed to establish a joint commission to improve relations in investment, tourism, trade, and human resources sectors. A MoU signed in the same year called for capacity-building cooperation, exchange of training, and increased connectivity between the two countries.The volume of bilateral trade between the two countries has increased from USD 35.99 million in 2003 to USD 109.31 million in 2008, with phosphate as the main Indonesian import from the kingdom. In September 2016, Morocco joined the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation (TAP) in Southeast Asia in Vietnam. The regional group consists of 10 states, namely Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, Cambodia, Burma, Laos and Indonesia.Both nations are members of the World Trade Organization (WTO), the Non-Aligned Movement, and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).Today, political positions embraced by Jakarta, which often align closely with Rabat’s, have further strengthened the political bonds between the two nations. The most important example is Indonesia’s support of Morocco in the Western Sahara issue.The visa-free entry policy allowing Indonesians and Moroccans to visit each other’s counties more freely has also helped increase the number of tourists between the two countries. Cooperation has also expanded into people-to-people ties, including religion, education, and culture. The strong religious cooperation between the two countries is symbolized by the presence of a mosque named Masjid Indonesia (Indonesian Mosque) in Kenitra, Morocco. Religious ties between Jakarta and Rabat mainly take place in the form of scholarships. After the signing of MoU on Cooperation in the Area of Religious Affairs in 1994, the government in Rabat offered scholarship for Indonesian students to study Arabic literature and Islamic studies in several universities in Morocco. read more

27 January 2010Anglo American, one of the world’s largest mining companies, today unveiled a new project to create more jobs, support entrepreneurship and boost local economies in South Africa, a move welcomed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Anglo American, one of the world’s largest mining companies, today unveiled a new project to create more jobs, support entrepreneurship and boost local economies in South Africa, a move welcomed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).The multinational corporation is answering the Business Call to Action (BCtA), a global initiative challenging companies to apply their business expertise, technology and innovative spirit to tackling poverty and contributing to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), eight anti-poverty targets with a 2015 deadline.Today’s announcement makes Anglo American the first company from the extractive industry to have a project accepted by BCtA.The company seeks to set up 12 enterprise development hubs in areas experiencing high unemployment in South Africa, spurring the creation of 25,000 new jobs in up to 1,500 new businesses across the country over the next seven years. It will provide mentoring as well as financing for small business start-ups, targeting the most vulnerable people, and seeks to expand to Chile and Brazil in the near future.“Long-term economic growth is vital to the fight against global poverty and business investment is vital to building economic growth,” said Helen Clark, UNDP Administrator. “Today, business leaders are rewriting the value equation to show that true worth comes not only from profits but from making a positive difference.” read more

Quotations for key foreign currencies in terms of the Canadian dollar. Quotations are nominal, for information purposes only.Canadian dollar value on Friday, the previous day, three-months and one-year: Currency Fri Thu 3 months Year U.S. dollar 1.2672 1.2743 1.3328 1.2898 British Pound 1.6553 1.6482 1.6668 1.7192 Japanese Yen 0.0113 0.0113 0.0122 0.0122 Euro in U.S. 1.1454 1.1402 1.0618 1.1114 Euro in Cdn 1.4515 1.4529 1.4152 1.4335Quotations provided by the Bank of Canada

first_imgBBC One’s film about the death of schoolboy Damilola Taylor, Damilola, Our Loved Boy, was named best single drama. Many in the audience were in tears as his father, Richard Taylor, took the stage and made a plea for young people to end the epidemic of knife crime.Adeel Akhtar won best actor for Murdered By My Father, a BBC Three drama about honour killing. He beat Benedict Cumberbatch, who was nominated for The Hollow Crown. The Crown had two nominees in the supporting actor category – John Lithgow for his performance as Winston Churchill, and Jared Harris as George VI – but the award went to Tom Hollander for The Night Manager. The BBC dominated the Virgin TV British Academy Television Awards, with Channel 4 drama National Treasure a rare win for Channel 4.The Must-See Moment – the only award chosen by viewers – went to the nailbiting scene from Planet Earth II in which a plucky iguana is chased by hordes of racer snakes.“We were surprised this won because half the people watched it from behind their sofa,” said Mike Gunton, the executive producer. Joanna Lumley was honoured with the Bafta Fellowship, awarded for outstanding contribution to television. The Academy said she had become a “true icon” of the small screen thanks to roles in shows from The New Avengers to Absolutely Fabulous.Coming on stage to a standing ovation, Lumley said: “I’m unbelievably honoured, you don’t even dream of it, you don’t even think of it, then the letter comes and you don’t believe it.”I’m like a piece of cellophane laid over the industry.”We are lit and furnished with words and costumed and made up, we have stunt performers to make us look better, we have people who feed us and dress us and we arrive and people say ‘you were so funny in that’ and you say ‘yes, thanks’.”It’s all somebody else.”The heavens opened midway through the red carpet arrivals, meaning those who arrived fashionably late were forced to shelter beneath decidedly unfashionable plastic umbrellas. Happy Valley won best drama seriesCredit:David M Benett/Getty Wunmi Mosaku won best supporting actress for the BBC’s Damilola drama, in which she played the schoolboy’s late mother, Gloria Taylor. She beat Vanessa Kirby, who played Princess Margaret in The Crown. Sarah Lancashire won the Leading Actress awardCredit:Matt Crossick /PA  Happy Valley won best drama series Sarah Lancashire Eleanor Tomlinson, who stars in Poldark Sue Perkins presented the awardsCredit:James Gourley/Rex Features Eleanor Tomlinson, who stars in PoldarkCredit:Jeff Spicer/Getty Zawe Ashton and Joanna LumleyCredit:Richard Young/REX/Shutterstock Ed Balls missed out on Must-See Moment Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.center_img The awards were hosted by Sue Perkins, the former Great British Bake Off presenter. Perkins revealed in an interview yesterday that the first she learned of Bake Off’s move to Channel 4 was via a friend’s Facebook page. She described the news as “painful”. The winners in fullDrama Series – Happy Valley – BBC OneEntertainment Performance- Michael McIntyre (Michael McIntyre’s Big Show) – BBC OneSingle Documentary – Hillsborough – BBC TwoCurrent Affairs – Panorama: Teenage Prison Abuse Exposed – BBC OneSingle Drama – Damilola, Our Loved Boy – BBC OneInternational – The People V OJ Simpson: American Crime Story – Fox 21/FX/BBC TwoFactual Series – Exodus: Our Journey to Europe – BBC TwoNews Coverage – Victoria Derbyshire: Footballers’ Abuse – BBC TwoLive Event – The Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebration – ITVSpecialist Factual – Planet Earth II – BBC OneFemale Performance in a Comedy Programme – Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Fleabag) – BBC ThreeMini-Series – National Treasure – Channel 4Special Award – Nick FraserMale Performance in a Comedy Programme – Steve Coogan (Alan Partridge’s Scissored Isle) – Sky AtlanticVirgin TV’s Must-See Moment – Planet Earth II: Snakes vs Iguana Chase – BBC OneReality & Constructed Factual – Muslims Like Us – BBC TwoComedy Entertainment Programme – Charlie Brooker’s 2016 Wipe – BBC TwoSupporting Actor – Tom Hollander (The Night Manager) – BBC OneSoap & Continuing Drama – Emmerdale – ITVSport – The Open – Sky Sports 1Supporting Actress – Wunmi Mosaku (Damilola, Our Loved Boy) – BBC OneFeatures – Who Do You Think You Are? – BBC OneScripted Comedy – People Just Do Nothing – BBC ThreeEntertainment Programme – Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway – ITVLeading Actor – Adeel Akhtar (Murdered By My Father – BBC ThreeLeading Actress – Sarah Lancashire (Happy Valley) – BBC OneFellowship – Joanna Lumley This was the second Bafta for Happy Valley, which won the same category in 2015. Lancashire declared herself a fan of The Crown, saying in her acceptance speech: “Claire Foy, you have given me the best 10 hours under a duvet that I’ve ever had.” Happy Valley was named best drama series, the night’s most coveted award. Sarah Lancashire, who plays the no-nonsense police constable at the heart of the series, beat The Crown’s Claire Foy to the leading actress prize.The Crown led the shortlist with five nominations but in the end won nothing. Sue Perkins Zawe Ashton and Joanna Lumley She and Mel Giedroyc have been replaced by Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding, and Perkins made several jokey references to the programme. “Let’s crack on before someone sells the format to Channel 4,” she said at one point. When Netflix outbid the BBC for rights to produce The Crown, it was meant to represent the US streaming giant’s triumphant entry into the world of British drama.But the BBC had the last laugh when its gritty police procedural Happy Valley, made on a fraction of The Crown’s £100 million budget, trounced it at the Baftas. Netflix has planned seven series of The Crown, charting the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.The cost put it beyond the reach of the BBC but the corporation’s head of drama, Piers Wenger, told the Telegraph ahead of the awards: “I think it was right for the BBC not to do it. I think if we had spent £100m… then we would have had to have lost so many Line of Duty and Happy Valleys and I think those pieces of work truly pushed the boundaries.“I think The Crown was a very traditional genre piece very well made, and that is what commercial broadcasters are at liberty to do. Whereas I think we have got a slightly different job.” Suranne Jones presented Tom Hollander with the award for Best Supporting ActorCredit:Ian West/PA Winners were instructed by Bafta to include “a short anecdote or an interesting detail about the production” in their speech – seen by some as an attempt to avoid a repeat of last year’s ceremony, when several winners made overtly political speeches criticising government interference in the BBC.There was nothing party political about this year’s speeches. Instead, the winners used their time at the podium to make heartfelt references to the issues raised by their films, from Hillsborough to the refugee crisis. Suranne Jones presented Tom Hollander with the award for Best Supporting Actor Ed Balls missed out on Must-See MomentCredit:Richard Young/REX/Shutterstocklast_img read more

first_imgHad to wait a whole 30 seconds to get on my direct train to #waterloo and had my pick of 31 seats in my carriage. #waterlooupgrade— Claire Holt (@ClaireRamus) August 7, 2017 Bit aprenshive about travelling from Richmond to Waterloo this morning but looks like everyone else is working from home #waterlooupgrade— Suzyb (@suzyb008) August 7, 2017 Major works at Waterloo till 28 August. Temporary timetable with a reduced service in place. Trains are very busy.— South West Trains (@SW_Trains) August 7, 2017 And for a lucky few, their commute was quicker Seven stations in south west London will be closed during the works, according to Network Rail’s website. They are:Chessington NorthChessington SouthEarlsfieldMalden ManorNorbitonQueenstown RoadTolworthAnd there will be fewer at a further six:Clapham JunctionSurbitonWokingPutneyKingstonRichmondAn average of 270,000 journeys are normally made to or from Waterloo every day. Yeah, strangely my Waterloo to Richmond commute was actually better today, train almost empty with plenty of seats. Expected the opposite.— Yuriy Akopov (@y_akopov) August 7, 2017 #waterlooupgrade apart from slow running from Clapham today was a breeze! Empty trains, air conditioned train 😎Mortlake to Waterloo— Conor Campbell (@conorarbitro) August 7, 2017 What stations will be affected?South West Trains have warned passengers at stations such as Vauxhall, Clapham Junction, Woking and Guildford will be “exceptionally busy” as they will have fewer services running and customers could be forced to queue to get in.center_img Looks like the entire commuting population of Kingston is “working from home”, judging by the almost empty 06.59 to #Waterloo.— Liz Shaw (@Liz_Shaw) August 7, 2017 Eerily quiet on the train this morning #waterloo #waterlooupgrade— Messer Best (@MesserBest) August 7, 2017 My @SW_Trains train journey to #Waterloo was quicker today because my train didn’t stop at Earlsfield or vauxhall !! #Waterlooupgrade— Ciara Lawrence (@ciarale01) August 7, 2017 This morning at 7:35am both Clapham junction and train to Waterloo were empty!— Pikejump (@massimauri) August 7, 2017 It was thought the Waterloo upgrade work would disrupt commuters and cause travel chaos as it went underway and almost half of the platforms at the UK’s busiest train station closed for a major overhaul.However, those who managed to get a train into work on Monday morning found that unlike a usual weekday, they had their pick of seats in empty carriages.For those who didn’t live in places the trains weren’t serving, their commutes were faster as their trains made less stops.People took to social media to post their joy and relief about their ‘best commute ever’, assuming the rest of their fellow commuters had either gone on holiday, taken a different route or worked from home.Carriages empty as commuters shun trains into Waterloo Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

The gold toilet When a solid gold toilet worth £4.8m was installed at Blenheim Palace, the founder of its art foundation proudly boasted: “It’s not going to be the easiest thing to nick”. But early on Saturday morning, just two days after it went on display, a gang of burglars did just that. Breaking into the Palace, they ripped it from the wall and drove off, leaving “significant damage and flooding”.The 18-carat lavatory, called “America”, was the centrepiece of a new exhibition by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan at the Duke of Marlborough’s country home where Winston Churchill was born. It had been plumbed into the water system so that visitors could fully engage with the artwork, as long as they obeyed a three-minute time slot.However, just hours after the launch party for the show finished, police say thieves using at least two vehicles smashed their way into the property, and made off with the expensive artwork. The toilet was plumbed into the water system at Blenheim PalaceCredit:Heathcliff O’Malley “If anyone knows or saw anything suspicious in connection with the event that may help us secure its return please contact Thames Valley Police.”At a press conference at the force’s headquarters, Inspector Richard Nicholls said: “Thames Valley Police is investigating the burglary of a piece of art from Blenheim Palace in the early hours of this morning.”A group of offenders broke into the palace and stole a high value toilet made out of gold that was on display.”We believe they used at least two vehicles during the offence and left the scene at around 4.50am.”The artwork has not been recovered at this time, but there is a thorough investigation being carried out.”They said officers first received a report of a burglary at Blenheim Palace in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, at 4.57am yesterday, adding that the offenders left the scene minutes earlier.The Palace is set to open as usual on Sunday, with the rest of Cattelan’s artwork on display until October 27.This is the Italian’s first solo exhibition in the UK in 20 years and features new works displayed for the first time. Blenheim Palace chief executive Dominic Hare said it is valued at about £4.8 million.Its new home was a small stall adjacent to Churchill’s birthing room, just off the Great Hall and near to the main entrance, where smashed glass was spotted. The thieves would have had to navigate the vast corridors to reach it.Incredibly, Edward Spencer-Churchill, half-brother of the current Duke of Marlborough and founder of the Blenheim Art Foundation, told the Sunday Times last month: “Despite being born with a silver spoon in my mouth I have never had a s— on a golden toilet, so I look forward to it.” Asked if he was worried about security, he said: “It’s not going to be the easiest thing to nick.“Firstly, it’s plumbed in and secondly, a potential thief will have no idea who last used the toilet or what they ate. So no, I don’t plan to be guarding it.”Home to the 12th Duke of Marlborough and his family, Blenheim Palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was built as a gift to John Churchill, the first Duke of Marlborough, from Queen Anne and a grateful nation in thanks for his victory at the Battle of Blenheim on 13 August 1704. Blenheim Palace Quickly, a 66-year-old man was arrested in connection with the theft, but the golden toilet is still missing amid fears it may be melted down. on Saturday night, he was being questioned by detectives.The artwork had previously drawn huge crowds at New York’s Guggenheim museum when it first went on display in 2016, and was later offered to Donald Trump in a satirical jibe at the President. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. It was closed on Saturday, as police officers scoured the scene. In a statement, Palace officials said: “We are saddened by this extraordinary event, but also relieved no-one was hurt. No-one was injured in the nighttime raid at Blenheim PalaceCredit:Leon Neal/Getty Images read more

first_imgSamsung‘s quite proud of the Galaxy Tab, and for good reason: it’s helped chip away at some of iOS‘s almost total dominance of the tablet market, while simultaneously giving credibility to the pre-Honeycomb Android platform when it comes to tablets. To date, Samsung claims to have shipped two million Galaxy Tabs… but all might not be rosy with the 7-inch tablet, with some new numbers suggesting that between 15-16 percent of all Galaxy Tab buyers return the device shortly thereafter. If that seems bad to you, it should: only 2 percent of customers return their iPads.AdChoices广告In many ways, these return rates are similar to the ones we saw when netbook makers offered cheaper Linux-based models. People bought them, brought them home, then became upset that they couldn’t run the programs they wanted to on their new laptops.That said, I don’t think the prospects of Android when it comes to tablets are bad long term. The bottom line is the Galaxy Tab is the first truly visible Android tablet. Many people who buy one are probably not aware right now that the iPad runs a different OS than the Galaxy Tab, and only discover it to their disappointment after they’ve purchased one. Like with Android smartphones, consumer awareness of the difference between an iPad and an Android tablet should grow, and these return numbers should shrink. For right now, though, they’ve certainly got to be depressing some of Samsung’s suits.Read more at New York Postlast_img read more

first_imgLa feuille de route de Windows Phone fuite sur InternetMicrosoft a vu publiée par erreur la “roadmap” de son système d’exploitation Windows Phone. On sait désormais le nom des prochaines mises à jour, Tango et Apollo, leur date de sortie et les améliorations prévues.On en sait désormais plus sur l’avenir de Windows Phone par la fuite d’un visuel de la “roadmap” ou feuille de route des prochaines mises à jour du système d’exploitation de Microsoft. Après la mise à jour Mango, mise en ligne en octobre dernier, les deux prochaines évolutions du produit s’appelleront Tango et Apollo et sortiront respectivement au deuxième et quatrième trimestre 2012.À lire aussiNomophobie : traitement, symptômes, qu’est-ce que c’est ?Concernant Tango, Microsoft avait déjà en août dernier confirmé le nom et apporté des précisions à son sujet. Outre des améliorations et des nouvelles fonctionnalités, la mise à jour sera avant tout destinée à mieux équiper des appareils d’entrée de gamme, notamment des produits conçus pour le marché chinois et indien. Il pourrait aussi amener le support du réseau 4G.Pour Apollo, il sera disponible six mois plus tard donc, et lui sera chargé d’harmoniser des “Superphones” et des mobiles destinés aux professionnels. Cette fois, c’est le très haut de gamme qui est défini. On pense qu’entre temps, pour accompagner l’essor de ces smartphones extrêmement performants, le support des processeurs à deux cœurs ou plus sera enfin intégré.Microsoft devrait parler au moins de Tango dans sa conférence inaugurale du CES de Las Vegas, le 9 janvier 2012. Pour Apollo, PC Inpact indique que le développeur et aussi partenaire privilégié de Nokia, pourrait attendre le Nokia Connection en juin prochain, un salon tout entier dédié aux produits de la marque finlandaise, et donc des Windows Phone de la marque. Le 29 décembre 2011 à 12:28 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

first_imgBouygues Telecom signe un accord avec Orange sur la fibreLes deux opérateurs ont signé un partenariat qui permet à Bouygues d’accéder aux infrastructures d’Orange pour le déploiement de la fibre optique.Obligés de mutualiser leurs installations en ce qui concerne le déploiement de la fibre optique sur tout le territoire, les fournisseurs d’accès à Internet (FAI) signent de nombreux partenariats ces derniers temps. Après Free et Orange dans les zones peu denses et Free et SFR dans les zones très denses, voilà désormais un partenariat entre Bouygues Telecom et Orange, pour les zones denses explique Zdnet. L’opérateur historique fournira ainsi à Bouygues Telecom une prestation de partage de ses réseaux en fibre optique sur le segment qui dessert les immeubles, soit 1,7 millions de logements concernés. En outre, le groupe Bouygues a également souscrit l’offre de mutualisation de la partie terminale des réseaux FTTH de France Télécom-Orange, soit un potentiel de 8,9 millions de logements. Reste désormais à séduire la population, dans les grandes villes notamment, où l’offre ADSL est de très bonne qualité. Ils ne sont que 175.000 à utiliser cette technologie, 425.000 avec ceux qui utilisent la fibre jusqu’à l’immeuble avec liaison finale en câble. Mais Orange a promis que d’ici à 2020, 60% des foyers seront éligibles. Le 17 janvier 2012 à 15:45 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

first_imgROSWELL, Ga. — The daughter of late singer and entertainer Whitney Houston was found unresponsive, face down in a bathtub Saturday and taken to a hospital in the north Atlanta suburbs, police said.Bobbi Kristina Brown was found by her husband, Nick Gordon, and a friend. The friend called 911 while her husband performed CPR on Brown because they did not believe she was breathing nor had a pulse, said Officer Lisa Holland, a spokeswoman for the Roswell Police Department. When police arrived, they gave Brown additional care until she was taken alive to North Fulton Hospital. A hospital spokeswoman did not return repeated messages seeking comment on Brown’s condition. “Right now she’s still alive at the hospital,” Holland said.Detectives were still at the home Saturday afternoon trying to determine what occurred.Police were called to the home Jan. 23 for a report of a fight, Holland said. When officers arrived, they found no one there.Brown, 21, is the only child of Houston and R&B singer Bobby Brown. A representative for the family did not immediately return messages seeking comment.Whitney Houston was found dead in a hotel bathtub on Feb. 11, 2012, in Beverly Hills, California. The 48-year-old Houston had struggled for years with cocaine, marijuana and pills, and her behavior had become erratic. Authorities examining Houston’s death found a dozen prescription drug bottles in the hotel suite. They concluded that Houston accidentally drowned. Heart disease and cocaine use were listed as contributing factors in Houston’s death.last_img read more

first_imgBy Micha Green, AFRO Washington, D.C. Editor, mgreen@afro.comIt’s been over three months since District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser revealed she assumed another position-motherhood- and until her appearance on Thursday’s “NBC 4 Today Show,” she’s been fairly private about her new addition.“It couldn’t be more perfect,” Bowser told NBC’s Hoda Kotb. “I got into politics.  I get to have the best job in the world.  I wanted to focus on how I could have a perfect little baby.”DC Mayor Muriel Bowser shows off her new baby Miranda Elizabeth Bowser. (Screenshot)Bowser’s perfect little baby is named Miranda Elizabeth Bowser and is seen curly-haired, wide-eyed, smiling and pretty in pink on the “Today Show” feature.  Bowser said as soon as she saw Miranda she knew she was her baby.“I think the moment that really sticks out to me was literally looking down at Miranda and those eyes just looking back at me and knowing that I was her entire world,” she said.Bowser told Kotb that watching her adoption in 2017 encouraged her own adoption of Miranda. Knowing Kotb’s busy schedule, she identified and was inspired by her ability to be both a busy boss and a mom.  However, Bowser was worried about the lengthy adoption process.“I did feel like that part of me was missing and I knew that I had a lot of love to pour into a child and I didn’t know how long the process would take.  When you’re a person like me, and you run a city and you have a big team, you’re not used to giving into a process.”Yet now that Bowser is a mom, she said she’s learned to let go a bit.“It helps me not sweat the little stuff as much.  It’s just another perspective I have.Bowser’s perspective is already different as the first single mother to run the nation’s capital.“The message I hope to send is that families are made in all kinds of ways, and they’re all special and we should celebrate family in whatever way that children are loved,” Bowser told Kotb.last_img read more

first_imgSome children spread colours in their own unique way, some were covered in colours themselves, the joy of Diwali brimmed the faces of these children playing with colour. Singing and dancing added further more joy to the hearts of orphan children celebrating Diwali at Bal Bhwan.Occasion was Diwali celebration for underprivileged children that comes under the Gramin Vikas Sewa Samiti. The event organised by Premia Group started with rangoli competition with the Diwali theme. Children not only made colourful rangolis to celebrate spirit of festival of light but also painted diyas and took part in various activities orgainsed for them. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Children from all caste and religion gathered to celebrate Diwali in great spirit. ‘I was touched when I learnt about that this orphanage based in Beebi Fatima ki Mazaar, Jama Majid- Adhchini village is doing such a great job for these underprivileged children by helping them to grow and by giving them basic needs like education, shelter and food and making them good human beings,’ said Tarun Shienh, CMD Premia Group, while he was playing with children, helping them out with their rangolis. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixThe evening started with singing songs by children followed by rangoli competition and lighting the  diyas but it was much about the fun children had at Bal Bhawan doing all this. It was a refreshing change for everybody present there. Children’s took back ample clothes, toys and crackers as Diwali gift. ‘I am very happy to organise a small celebration for these children, this is such irony in our society that some of the children are not getting their basic needs fulfilled. Being an entrepreneur, it is my primary responsibility to help the society in all ways I can,’ added Shienh.last_img read more

first_img 3 min read This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience. August 12, 2013 Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Nowcenter_img From Tumblr to Instagram, a startup landing a well-heeled buyer seems almost commonplace these days, as the media loves to pounce on these sort of deals. But how about getting acquired by a big name before you even really start up?That’s what happened last week to Techstars Boulder participant GoodApril, a San Francisco tax software startup, before the company even had an opportunity to present its product during the incubator’s demo days. The managing director of the Techstars Boulder program Luke Beatty noted that this was the first time in the history of Techstars that a company got acquired before demo days.GoodApril’s initial product, known as Tax Checkup, allowed users to upload their tax information and get insight on where they can receive credits and deductions. During demo days, the company was looking to present a pivoted product — a subscription service focusing on investments and loans. Unfortunately, we may never see that service, as GoodApril has suspended their product after it got acquired and has yet to decide if they will relaunch.While the price wasn’t disclosed, it is less than $20 million, since if it exceeded that amount, Intuit would have been required to publicly report the price. The co-founders 30-year-old Mitch Fox and 33-year-old Benny Joseph will join Intuit as the director of product management and director of product development under the company’s TurboTax brand.Related: Can Start-Up Incubators Really Help You?For this historical event, we chatted with co-founder Fox and asked what factors he believed played a role in the quick acquisition:1. Disrupting a stagnant market.Tax is a market that hasn’t changed fundamentally in over 20 years. The biggest change in the last 10 years is to take tax software used on the desktop and make it online. This is valuable for consumers, but isn’t a huge difference in the way people deal with taxes. I think in a market where there are two big companies that are competitive and a large number of smaller competitors, Intuit had a lot of interest in a company that was pursing a way to fix a problem.Related: The Incubator Brining Washington D.C.’s Entrepreneurs Together2. Developed an in-demand niche productWe saw tax planning, the type of analysis we were doing on people’s returns and how people can improve their overall tax picture, as the biggest unmet need in the market. We were solving a problem that they [Intuit] had not made major investments in but had interest. We were good match for each other.3. Being part of a top-notch accelerator.We had already met with Intuit before we got into Techstars. When we were accepted into such a prestigious program, it helped show momentum and credibility that we wouldn’t have had being on our own.Going through the process while we had access to mentorship was extremely valuable. I don’t think we could have gotten to as good of an outcome without that kind of support.If offered the opportunity to be acquired, would you stay on board with the company? Let us know with a comment. Enroll Now for Freelast_img read more

first_imgWebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite With it being September 1 today, that means only one thing…It’s Spring!There are many ways to celebrate Spring Day.Spring Day traditions in South Africa range from having a traditional braai to shaving your head and beard. In many townships, children celebrate by spraying each other with water.Schools usually celebrate by letting children dress up. Click to receive news links via WhatsApp. Or  for the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Join us there!last_img