first_imgNew York-based instrumental quartet TAUK has been on a steady climb since their inception a decade ago. Composed of Matt Jalbert (guitar), Charles Dolan (bass), Alric “A.C.” Carter (keys), and Isaac Teel (drummer), the band defies classification, deftly synthesizing hip-hop, prog-rock, jazz, jam, and electronic by layering sonic textures with ambient melodies to create a pioneering and wholly unique sound. In a live setting, this translates into high-octane performances that mediate the line between gritty and upbeat, with each performance held together by the high-caliber musicianship of the band’s members.Today, TAUK has released a brand-new EP titled Shapeshifter I: Construct. Featuring five new tracks, this latest effort from the fan-favorite quartet is only a preview of what’s to come when the group released a full-length album in fall of this year. TAUK has always been fearless when it comes to pushing themselves to truly challenge their limits, and this newest work is no different. Shapeshifter I: Construct is characteristically meticulous and musically tight, but also shows the band expanding their reach and leaning into new sounds.As guitarist Matt Jalbert shares in a press release, “Everything just happened so naturally this time around.” He continued, “I can’t think of one moment where it felt like anything was forced. We were all just completely focused and in the same mindset, which made this an incredibly fun and smooth experience.”You can listen to the latest from TAUK, Shapeshifter I: Construct, which was released today below. TAUK also kicks off their Colorado tour tonight, continuing their Shapeshifter tour that started mid-March with a performance supporting ALO at San Francisco’s Fillmore. After this weekend’s two Colorado performances in Fort Collins and Denver, the group begins the real bulk of their tour, with extensive dates spanning through May and a number of festival performances already announced for summer. For more information about TAUK, their new album, or their upcoming tour dates, head to their website here.last_img read more

first_imgIn order to allow students to spend more time outside comfortably in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Saint Mary’s student government worked to add new furniture to be placed on the grass between Le Mans Hall and Moreau Hall.The new furniture is similar to that which is located on Notre Dame’s library quad, including wooden lawn chairs, bonfire pits and hanging lights.Senior Giavanna Paradiso, SGA president, said her team just wanted to give Saint Mary’s students a nice space to enjoy company together outside with the addition of the furniture.“SGA was very excited to be able to help [the] students’ situations better,” she said.Student Activities Board (SAB), Resident Hall Association (RHA) and Belles Against Violence Office (BAVO) said they will team up to use this space for future bonfire events.The space has been nicknamed “Belle’s Corner” by students, and the tables have been decorated with small plants and pumpkins for the fall season. The new additions have brought students out from their residence halls to sit under the lights to work or to just socialize with their friends.Senior Sarah Caldwell, a member of the SAB, said their organization hopes to bring Saint Mary’s students together by using the new space.“As Student Activities Board, we plan community-building events for Saint Mary’s students,” Caldwell said. “We host an annual bonfire event and were excited that we could utilize the new space to host this year’s event. We look forward to using the space in the future.”Although they have not yet planned an event using the space, Caldwell said she feels confident that these events will be enjoyable for all Saint Mary’s students.Although the semester will come to an end in a little over a month, the weather is expected to get colder soon, and students are encouraged to use the bonfires, before 5 p.m., as the temperatures continue to drop.Senior Morgan Burnett said she is excited for the cold weather this year.“I think the bonfire events are fun and [will] make the cold weather on campus more bearable,” Burnett said.While the fire pits will also double as tables and help provide warmth to students as they get their work done, senior LeeAnn Beaty also said she is excited to use this area for the winter months with a few modifications.“Hopefully, we will be able to place some of those tall, standing heaters so that we’re able to use this awesome area as the weather gets cooler,” Beaty said.Tags: BAVO, Residence Hall Association, Saint Mary’s student governmentlast_img read more

first_img View Comments As previously announced, Tony Award winner Michele Pawk will star alongside the play’s writer, Stephanie DiMaggio. 17 Orchard Point is co-written by Anton Dudley and directed by Stella Powell-Jones. The new dark comedy follows two generations of women battling to claim their home and history. Lydia (Pawk) lives by her motto, “leave your baggage at the door, or it will end up on your face.” A decade after fleeing Cleveland for one long night out in Vegas, leaving the family’s apartment building under the management of her daughter Vera (DiMaggio), Lydia returns to find a lifetime of “baggage” waiting for her inside. Pawk received a Tony Award for Hollywood Arms. Her additional Broadway credits include Hairspray, Mamma Mia, Chicago and Cabaret. DiMaggio appeared on Broadway in A Free Man Of Color, in addition to numerous off-Broadway credits. Related Showscenter_img Tickets are now on sale for the world premiere of 17 Orchard Point at The Beckett Theatre at Theatre Row. Preview performances begin April 25 prior to a May 4 opening. 17 Orchard Point Show Closed This production ended its run on May 24, 2014last_img read more

first_imgThe 2018 Atlantic hurricane season kicked off with Subtropical Storm Alberto in May, and more powerful storms are anticipated as the season progresses. The best way to ensure the safety of your family during hurricane season is to be prepared with a disaster plan. If you are a pet owner, that plan should include your pets.When making an emergency preparedness plan, common sense goes a long way. If it is not safe for you to stay in your home during an emergency, it’s not safe for your pets either. During your disaster preparedness planning, there are many things to consider as a pet owner, including packing supplies for your pet, either in your own emergency kit or in an emergency kit assembled just for your pet. When facing evacuation, many families struggle to find lodging that accommodates their furry companions. Many hotels and shelters do not accept animal guests unless they are registered service animals. With the exception of service animals, most Red Cross shelters cannot accept pets either.Being prepared means not waiting for a mandatory evacuation before you start making lodging arrangements. By that point, hotels will be booked and the roads will be crowded. Avoid the stress of finding acceptable lodging by investing a little time before an emergency occurs. Be proactive and call ahead to learn which hotels and motels along your planned evacuation route will accept pets during an emergency or disaster situation. Once you know which locations can accommodate families with pets, take the next step and call ahead for reservations if you know evacuation may be a possibility in the near future. Ask whether no-pet policies could be waived in an emergency situation. During this planning phase, you should also determine which friends, relatives, boarding facilities, animal shelters or veterinarians could care for your animals in the event of an emergency. Prepare a list with phone numbers.Another thing to consider is that while your animals may be more comfortable together, you may have to house them separately.A good way to help get you and your pets ready for evacuation is to include your pets in evacuation drills so that they become used to entering and traveling in a carrier. This can be particularly helpful with cats, who may be accustomed to entering their carriers only when being taken to the vet.When traveling, it is also imperative that your pet’s vaccinations are current and that all dogs and cats are wearing collars with up-to-date identification. Many pet shelters require proof of current vaccinations. Hurricane season is here, so do not wait — call your veterinarian and request a copy of your pet’s most recent medical records. If your pet is missing a rabies tag, request a new one. File these essential documents inside your pet’s emergency kit.Unfortunately, some pets do not travel well. Rather than being stuck in a car for hours with a scared, wailing cat, talk to your veterinarian about medications your pet might need to reduce anxiety or symptoms of travel sickness. Speak with your veterinarian about testing this medication on your pet in advance to ensure that your pet does not suffer any adverse side effects. Consider asking your veterinarian to insert a microchip under your pet’s skin as a means of permanent identification.University of Georgia Cooperative Extension recommends including the following items in your pet’s emergency kit:Copies of medical records, including the name and telephone number of your veterinarian.Information on your pet’s feeding schedules, medical conditions and behavior problems.Medications, food, drinking water and bowl.A manual can opener for canned food.A first aid kit.Photos of you with your pet(s) in case they get lost. Pet kennels, beds and toys.For more information from Extension about how to prepare for hurricanes, see UGA Extension Bulletin 1428, “Home Emergency Preparedness Handbook,” at read more

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Matthew Bandyk for SNL:In March, renewable energy sources, excluding hydroelectricity, generated more than 10% of U.S. electricity for the first time, according to U.S. Energy Information Administration data.Wind, solar, biomass and geothermal resources were responsible for 10.6% of all U.S. megawatt-hours generated that month, up from 7.7% in the same period a year ago and just 2.6% 10 years ago.Widespread installations of new wind and solar facilities over the last decade explain much of the increase in renewables generation. Wind and solar made up less than 1% of U.S. generation as recently as 2007, but stood at 8.5% in March, another record. March is the most recent month with data available in the EIA’s monthly electricity data reports. Renewables came close to hitting the 10% mark in November 2015, when they generated 9.6% of electricity.In addition, the productivity of those facilities, not just their total numbers, also matters. Advances in renewable energy technology now allow wind farms and solar panels to generate more electricity.Including hydroelectric power, renewables pumped out 19.5% of U.S. generation, the highest level since at least 2001.Full article (with chart) ($): Renewables crack 10% of US electricity generation mix Renewables, Excluding Hydro, Surpass 10% of U.S. Electricity Generation for the First Timelast_img read more

first_imgBy Andréa Barretto/Diálogo June 05, 2019 Brazil and Chile will host the 60th edition of the multinational maritime exercise UNITAS. The exercise, organized by U.S. Naval Forces Southern Command/U.S. 4th Fleet, began in 1960 and is the oldest of its kind in the Americas. Both nations have been part of UNITAS since its inception. Since then, UNITAS has been carried out in two phases in the Pacific Ocean and in the Atlantic to promote the combined activities of the multinational forces involved. In 2019, Chile is set to host UNITAS PAC, scheduled to take place along its shores, June 24–July 4. Brazil will then host UNITAS LANT in Atlantic waters, around the state of Rio de Janeiro, August 18–31. About 3,500 service members from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Namibia, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal — which will make its debut at the exercise — and the United States will take part in UNITAS LANT. The magnitude of the event and challenges associated with a multinational exercise require preparation. Final adjustments for UNITAS LANT are set for June at the Final Planning Conference. Some activities have already kicked off. The Concept Development Conference and the Initial Planning Conference (IPC) were held in February and March to establish specific goals. “The result was the signing of a memorandum of understanding, where country representatives committed to the subjects discussed: objectives, trainings, exchanges, participating units, and others,” said Rear Admiral João Alberto de Araujo Lampert, director of the Brazilian Navy’s (MB, in Portuguese) Social Communication Center. MB’s Second Division Command led the meetings. The institution is assigned to conduct planning and execution of UNITAS LANT 2019. The institution will also command the multinational task force that will be established during the operation. Representatives from MB, the Brazilian Air Force (FAB, in Portuguese) and confirmed participating countries — including the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) and the U.S. Coast Guard — attended the meetings. FAB Support March’s IPC confirmed FAB’s participation in UNITAS through naval asset support. FAB will engage in combined operations with other participating forces, conducting antisubmarine, search and rescue, maritime patrol, and air reconnaissance activities. Service members from FAB’s 11th and 12th Wing, based in Rio de Janeiro, will take part in the exercise. “The total crew will have about 50 service members. We will have about 30 additional service members directly involved with ground support activities,” said FAB Major Nícolas Gomes Moreira, an officer from Preparation Command’s operational preparation control division, a FAB body responsible for the training, evaluation, and doctrine of its operational units. The officer added that FAB will also deploy one P-3AM and two P-95M surveillance aircraft, and two H-36 helicopters, used for transportation and rescue missions. The 12th Wing base will serve as headquarters for the crew and maintenance teams of aircraft assigned to missions. Seven MB representatives and two from USMC made up the delegation that inspected the facilities in February. “The operational gain from participation in exercises with other nations is invaluable. Without a doubt, the exercise will improve amiable relationships and mutual cooperation between the nations and their armed forces,” said Maj. Moreira. UNITAS Amphibious The 2019 edition of UNITAS LANT will take place at the same time as UNITAS Amphibious, which will carry out a humanitarian aid and disaster relief exercise through an amphibious operation. While UNITAS LANT will conduct air and sea missions, UNITAS Amphibious will carry out sea to land operations. The troops’ amphibious landing will be in Marambaia Island and in Rio de Janeiro, where MB has a training center. During the mission, service members will face a fictitious scenario in a country devastated by a hurricane and earthquake, whose population was left homeless and without food or water. Participants will have to coordinate processes and methods and align communication to assist the people in need.last_img read more

first_imgWhat is your leadership style? Does your style help or hinder effective leadership? Is self awareness important in collaborating with teams? Do you produce the desired outcome in problem-solving?These and other questions will be explored by more than 100 voluntary bar association officers and staff members attending the annual Bar Leaders Conference July 25-26 at the Renaissance Vinoy Resort & Golf Club in St. Petersburg.Margaret Cooley, the director of Open-Enrollment Programs at the Management Development Institute at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, will help participants explore basic differences in approach to problem solving, creativity and decision making — three key issues in managing change in organizations.Cooley noted that a number of psychological instruments such as the Kirton Adaption-Innovation Inventory (KAI) are used in the institute’s leadership programs.“The results of these instruments help individuals better understand how they approach decision making, problem solving, and conflict resolution among other things.” Cooley said. “The individuals can then see how their approach differs from others and learn how the differences can be either a source of misunderstanding or the basis of effective collaboration.”Cooley said selecting a style that might be more appropriate for a given situation, thereby going out of your “comfort zone,” allows you to produce desired outcomes.completing the KAI, conference participants will be able to identify personal problem-solving style and learn to assess the style of others, she said. Cooley also emphasized that a self-aware leader understands that an organization is made up of people with a variety of types and styles and looks for ways to make the variety work for the organization’s advantage. Effective and self-aware leaders recognize differences with members, appreciate those differences, and attempt to work with them rather than be frustrated by them, she said.The leadership conference, which moves around the state each year, is being co-hosted by three Tampa Bay area voluntary bar associations — St. Petersburg Bar, Clearwater Bar, and Hillsborough County Bar. The host bars also receive suggestions on program planning from members of The Florida Bar Voluntary Bar Liaison Committee, Florida Council of Bar Association Presidents, and Florida Council of Bar Executives. The annual program is designed to give voluntary bar officers and staff an opportunity to network and discuss problems faced by the volunteer attorneys who are members of a local association. There are more than 180 voluntary bar associations throughout Florida.In addition to Cooley’s presentation, participants will have the opportunity to attend workshops dealing with association finances, membership recruitment, retention and benefits, member surveys, fundraising, and the use of e-mail and the Internet to better serve their members. Workshop planners have also invited representatives from the Poynter Institute and the Tampa Bar Review to share tips on media and public relations.For fun, family and friends are invited to “An Evening at the Rolyat,” located on the campus of Stetson University College of Law. The law school was originally a hotel built in the 1920s by the Taylor family. The dinner is not included in the $85 conference registration fee and is a separate ticketed event. Transportation will be provided to the campus.To register for the workshop, go to the Bar’s Web site,, to download the registration brochure. For more information or a faxed copy, contact the Bar’s voluntary bar liaison, Toyca Williams, at (850) 561-5764 or [email protected] or any member of the Bar’s Public Information Department.The registration fee includes all attendance to the various workshops, conference materials, a boxed lunch, a continental breakfast, and breaks. Sponsorship opportunities are available. Craig Runde, a graduate of Duke Law School and director of the New Program Development in the Special Programs Division at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg contributed to this article. June 15, 2003 Regular News Bar Leadership Conference setcenter_img Bar Leadership Conference setlast_img read more

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first_img SHARE Email Facebook Twitter August 06, 2020 La Administración Wolf destaca los mayores esfuerzos para ampliar la disponibilidad de pruebas COVID-19center_img Español,  Press Release,  Public Health El Gobernador Tom Wolf y la Secretaria del Departamento de Salud de Pennsylvania, la Dra. Rachel Levine, destacaron hoy los esfuerzos en curso para expandir las pruebas en Pennsylvania para garantizar que cada residente de Pennsylvania que desee una prueba pueda obtener una.“Si queremos mitigar la propagación de este virus muy contagioso, debemos seguir entendiendo cómo está afectando a Pennsylvania. Lo que es más importante, mejorar el acceso a las pruebas ayuda a los residentes de Pennsylvania que desean y necesitan hacerse la prueba de COVID-19”, dijo el Gobernador Wolf. “Las pruebas también nos brindan datos críticos para comprender dónde se encuentra la enfermedad en nuestras comunidades para que podamos tomar las medidas proactivas necesarias para detener la propagación y continuar protegiendo al público”.La Administración Wolf continua trabajando para aumentar aún más las pruebas en Pennsylvania. Esto incluye asociaciones establecidas con Walmart y Quest Diagnostics, que proporcionan acceso directo en muchas comunidades, incluidas las zonas rurales.La administración también continúa trabajando con laboratorios en todo el estado con el fin de mejorar la capacidad de prueba en Pensilvania, particularmente a medida que vemos retrasos nacionales significativos en la recepción de resultados de las pruebas debido a que otros estados experimentan mayores aumentos de casos.“En Pennsylvania, estamos comprometidos a garantizar que las pruebas sean accesibles, disponibles y adaptables”, dijo la Secretaria de Salud, Dra. Rachel Levine. “Al trabajar con nuestros socios, incluidos Walmart y Quest Diagnostics, estamos ayudando a garantizar que cualquier persona que necesite hacerse la prueba de COVID-19 en Pennsylvania pueda hacerse la prueba. Las pruebas, junto con el uso de una máscara, lavarse las manos, mantener el distanciamiento social y el rastreo de contactos son herramientas esenciales para reducir la propagación de COVID-19 en Pennsylvania”.Se lanzaron nueve sitios de prueba el 5 de agosto de Walmart autoservicio. Estos nueva sitios nuevos se suman a los sitios de autoservicio existentes de Walmart en Clarion, State College, New Castle y Edinboro.“Walmart se complace en ayudar al Gobernador Wolf con pruebas COVID-19 confiables y oportunas a través de un cómodo autoservicio”, dijo Jamie Reilly, Director Regional de salud y bienestar de Walmart.Pennsylvania ha realizado el noveno número total más alto de pruebas para COVID-19 en el país, según los Centros para el Control y la Prevención de Enfermedades. Desde el comienzo de la pandemia, se han completado más de 1.6 millones de pruebas, lo que equivale al 13 por ciento de la población de Pennsylvania.En el apogeo de la primera ola en abril, la capacidad de pruebas en todo el estado se limitó a menos de 8,000 pruebas por día. Pennsylvania tiene un promedio de más de 22,000 resultados de pruebas por día, a partir del sábado 1 de agosto, y está evaluando aproximadamente el 4 por ciento de la población cada mes.Los sitios e información de prueba más actualizados están disponibles en el Departamento de Salud. Se siguen agregando sitios de prueba.Para ver el mapa actualizado de los sitios de pruebas del Estado, visite los sitios de pruebas virales COVID-19 de Pennsylvania.View this information in English.last_img read more

first_imgGJ Gardner display home at The Surrounds, Helensvale.Villawood Properties executive director Tony Johnson said builders had shown enthusiasm to display their new home designs at The Surrounds, not only demonstrating confidence in the community, but also the region’s housing market. “Builders have been attracted to The Surrounds for many of the same reasons as buyers: it’s a location that is unrivalled given its accessibility and the associated benefits of the surrounding amenities, infrastructure and public transport,” he said. “Our builders will be showcasing their innovative, contemporary homes, designed for the Queensland lifestyle by maximising indoor and outdoor entertaining spaces. GJ Gardner display home at The Surrounds, Helensvale. GJ Gardner display home at The Surrounds, Helensvale.The designs place a high emphasis on quality living by delivering space for everyone in the family to live and grow. “The stylish homes feature four and five bedrooms designs and are a mix of single and double-storey layouts.” The Surrounds will cover more than 60ha and feature about 620 residences, 20ha of green space, including a central park with barbecue areas and playgrounds for all ages, and a leisure centre with lap pool, kids’ pool, cafe, and gymnasium. GJ Gardner display home at The Surrounds, Helensvale.Builders include Aston Milan, GJ Gardner, McCarthy Homes, McDonald Jones, Metricon, Plantation Homes, Porter Davis, Simonds Homes and Stylemaster. More from news02:37Purchasers snap up every residence in the $40 million Siarn Palm Beach North3 hours ago02:37International architect Desmond Brooks selling luxury beach villa22 hours agoConstruction of GJ Gardner, Porter Davis, Metricon, Stylemaster and Plantation Homes’ displays is now complete, with the remaining homes expected to reach completion within the coming weeks. GJ Gardner display home at The Surrounds, Helensvale.ONE of the Gold Coast’s biggest display home villages is being built at Helensvale in further proof the city’s northern corridor is booming. A total of 31 homes from 10 builders will be on show at the village which is set to open its doors next month at Villawood Properties’ $500 million community at Helensvale — The Surrounds. last_img read more