if the state government takes a stand not to persuade Justice Mehta then we are back to square one and the whole process has to be started afresh under the existing Gujarat Lokayukta Act of 1986, he said He also opined that if all concerned parties like council of ministers and Leader of Opposition agree to the name proposed by Chief Justice of the High Courtthen new Lokayukta can be appointed in the state within a weeks time By-passing the state governmentGovernor Beniwal had appointed Mehta as Lokayukta on August 252011 This was followed by a legal battle which lasted almost two years as the state government sought to overturn his appointment and contested it till the last remedy of a curative petition was rejected by the Supreme Court For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Updated: April 13 2014 2:25 am Related News In a direct attack on BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s much-touted “Gujarat model” of development Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi said on Saturday that the model favours “two-three industrialists” including an individual whose turnover has grown from Rs 3000 crore to Rs 40000 crore over the last decade Rahul however refrained from naming any industrialists “If you look at the Gujarat model an individual whose turnover was Rs 3000 crore 10 years back now has a turnover of Rs 40000 crore He was given land as big as Vadodara for Rs 300 crore A coastline as long as the Mumbai coastline was given to him On the other hand the textile industry has been wiped out I have spoken to diamond cutters They are dying there is malnutrition children are hungry farmers are crying there are maximum labour disputes But on TV it is all marketing The truth about the Gujarat model is it favours two-three industrialists It is very easy in Gujarat” said Rahul in an interview to Aaj Tak Without naming the BJP he claimed the party’s thinking was to focus on “three-four industrialists” “(They) talk about trickledown in the US also there was talk of trickledown But now it is admitted that failed” he said Referring to the BJP and Modi Rahul claimed they had a “corporate base” while the poor form the Congress’ base “Their marketing abilities are better than ours Our ability to work our programmes and our ability to connect with people is better than theirs So in every campaign they make more noise But when the results come out the situation is different” he said Admitting anti-incumbency against the Congress-led UPA government Rahul said Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s government was the longest serving after Nehru’s government which in itself was an “achievement” For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Jayna Kothari | Updated: April 14 2014 9:16 am We need to consider alternatives such as the option of casting votes through mobiles and the provision of transportation Related News The 16th Lok Sabha polls one of the largest democratic elections in the world are in full swing When millions of Indians vote in the coming days their ink-stained fingers marking another important moment in our democracy we need to ask whether all citizens have been able to participate in these elections Voters with disabilities have been an invisible minority to the Election Commission political parties and the public in general In 2004 the Supreme Court in Disabled Rights Group vs The Chief Election Commissioner and Anr laid down specific directions for the EC to implement at the time of voting These directions were basic — ramps at all voting sites tactile and Braille buttons on EVMs and allowing voters to take companions for assistance when they cast their ballot The EC wasted no time in sending these directions to all its state election commissioners but the actual level of accessibility and voting in those elections did not dramatically improve Now 10 years later we are at the same crossroads In a recent audit of polling sites in Bangalore it was found that most of the 7700 sites were not accessible for voters with physical and locomotor disabilities If we want to take voting rights seriously and ensure that our Constitution guarantees this right for every single person we cannot ignore voters with disabilities I make three arguments here First electoral participation for voters with disabilities is not only about voting Free and fair electoral participation means access to electoral awareness programmes and campaigns of the candidates and political parties making campaign materials and speeches accessible The websites of the EC political parties and candidates should also be accessible The SC has held that the right to know the background of a candidate is a fundamental right of a voter so that she can make a rational decision while exercising the statutory right to vote Thus electors with disabilities have a fundamental right to get information about the backgrounds of candidates and parties in a format that is accessible Unless such materials are available a person will not be able to exercise her right to vote The right to vote also begins with being able to register as a voter The low number of voter registrations among people with disabilities is because most do not know how to get themselves registered as voters do not get information about it and voter registration sites are not physically accessible Second the actual process of voting must be made smoother The EC’s measures to enable voting have been limited to building ramps at polling sites These are important and it is evident that even this simple measure is not fully complied with However we need to move beyond these basic measures and consider alternatives such as the option of casting votes through mobiles for those with severe disabilities or in care homes posting disabled election officers at each polling station and the provision of transportation for voters who require assistance in travelling to voting sites The most problematic measure taken by the EC is to permit assistance by allowing a companion during the voting process This is based on the outdated Conduct of Elections Rules 1961 which permits “a companion to accompany a blind/ infirm elector to assist him/ her to cast the vote” The presence of another person in the voting booth even if it is a friend or family member opens the door to questions of influence intimidation and coercion The right to vote includes the right to vote independently and in secrecy Allowing disabled voters to take in companions ostensibly to assist them takes away this basic right Instead the EC needs to make the voting process fully accessible so that assistance of a companion person is not required Finally there is a need to develop election monitoring methods in order to collect data surveys and studies to understand the involvement of persons with disabilities across the nation This should include pre-election election-day and post-election observation It is not too late to implement some of these measures for election day For millions of our voters getting to the voting booth is a mountainous struggle and the act of voting is ridden with barriers both physical and attitudinal Let us use these elections to remove some of these barriers The writer is with the Centre for Law and Policy Research Bangalore [email protected] For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Parul | Chandigarh | Published: January 30 2017 4:51 am Top News You received the National Award for Child Welfare in November and now the Republic Day Award by the UT Administration for your work in education for children What do these awards mean to you as an individual and as the Chairperson of the Vatsal Chaya Trust Awards are happy milestones because they are recognition of work done and you set forth on this journey with renewed vigour They bring prestige and validation to the organisation and place a solemn responsibility on us to keep up the standards of commitment and dedication on this journey I am happy that Chandigarh made a mark in the national sphere in child welfare The Republic Day award is special too for this is where I work and I respect this validation It is my heartfelt wish to contribute in making Chandigarh an exemplary place for inclusion and empowerment Watch What Else Is Making News: You began Vatsal Chaya under a tree in Sector 8 with a few children What was the inspiration or motivation for you to begin your journey in education for children and their empowerment My mother was a gentle force who was loved by all her students and she instilled in me the passion for ownership of social causes especially illiteracy and discrimination It was a constant calling to work for vulnerable children in a direct way not through donations or occasional events Secondly I wanted to devise learning pathways to children excluded from the school system I took some time to do this because I thought I needed a built place but a group of children who begged in Sector 8 market changed all that My interactions with them developed into an open informal classroom under a tree with mats stationery hot food and my laptop What is the model of Vatsal Chaya and its philosophy The name is inspired by the earth and how it nurtures and shelters us Each of us can act with a sense of ownership in contributing to make our communities equitable empathetic and sustainable The core of our mission is marginalised and vulnerable children and their betterment School access is not enough The context of children is key and a one-size-fits-all approach leaves many behind So our model comprises components like finding children who are out of the school system never enrolled failed or dropped out bringing them into schooling and providing them multi-layered support like free transport close family outreach health hygiene scholastic material sibling care Since 2008 we have brought nearly 3000 children into schooling from the lowest socio-economic segments of Chandigarh and helped to get them into the mainstream and several hundred continued to get support after mainstreaming What were the roadblocks and odds that you had to face in your work The odds we faced were high as the barriers to inclusion of children in difficult circumstances come from many quarters The children are used to an environment of illiteracy poor health abysmal hygiene habitation physical emotional sexual abuse and violence easy access to drugs and psycho active substances and risky habits Adversity creates distortions in the children themselves as they have low social competencies they are quick to fight hit lie and most of all give up on themselves The formal school system seems alien to them Literacy is just one part of what we do; the social and emotional enabling healthy personal habits building self-esteem and self-regulation is significant Parental disengagement is a constant problem which we tackle Chandigarh has a very large number of migrants in the lowest income percentile and harmful practices like child marriage child labour are accepted and practised You chose a government school to reach out to children and develop a unique model of education Please elaborate Actually it was the other way round The open classroom under the Kusum Tree grew rather fast and soon we had over 40 children gathered for a few hours with mothers and siblings in tow There was an on-going program of SSA Chandigarh which had a number of NGOs already working with them but none for children in beggary and child labour We were given an SSA classroom in the nearby school so that our children could gain a school environment and a mid-day meal After that the numbers grew exponentially and we were bringing children from slums in Chandigarh who otherwise preferred not to go to school I found the collaboration to be of great value because we were able to add our own resources to the existing government programme which brought much benefit to the children The welfare and security of girl children is an area that you also involve yourself in Please talk about it Gender empowerment is one of the most powerful levers available to make society equitable and progressive Enabling girls is a key aspect of our work We provide many kinds of support to mitigate the circumstances inhibiting their education like sibling care flexible alternative study options skill training for income generation personality development and life skills We have girls rehabilitated from child marriage domestic labour dropout or failed status many have completed Class X and Class XII a few have gone to college some are working from home and some are running self-help groups in their communities How can the public be involved in social causes and contribute If more people were to individually or in groups connect with socially responsible activities or programmes as a conscious choice not an occasional tokenism it would create a great pool of like-minded people It doesn’t have to be money it could be volunteering your time or talent or supporting a cause It could be animals in distress or trees to be planted or spending time with elderly people in care… Anything which speaks to you If it is an organisation it is important that it is registered and gives you a utilisation update What are the future plans for Vatsal Chaya and how do you envision its growth and reach to other areas of the city and maybe other cities as well Currently in Chandigarh we are working with Rotary India in providing learning support to 1000 children from the out-of-school drop-out or lagging behind categories We have enfolded many more categories of children in our efforts like vending families children in care and protection first generation learners rehabilitated children with learning gaps and so on Skill development for youth early learning modules school readiness programs and digital applications for vulnerable segments are what we have in the offing Gender training for teens from economically challenged segments which builds capacity though key skills that adolescents need to facilitate their empowerment now and for life-like self-awareness self-esteem problem solving communication critical thinking decision making financial literacy career guidance etc What are the areas which concern you as a social development practitioner Youth violence has been steadily on the rise there are a few thousand drop-outs and many more disengaged students who are going astray in the lower income areas There are more juvenile crimes more heinous than ever before Chandigarh already ranks second in the country for recidivism Academic outcomes of disadvantaged students remains stuck in low expectation low outcome trajectories There is an urgent need to bring gainful skills for income generation to those with lower academic gains There are no easily available second-chance options for those who fall out of the system The challenge of delivering an education that is vital not only for literacy alone but for the transmission of values attitudes integrating those outside mainstream groups and encouraging building national character remains For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Tavleen Singh | Updated: March 16 2014 9:38 am Related News In this season of the ‘aam aadmi’ Rahul Gandhi has begun his election campaign by meeting fishermen coolies and rickshaw-wallahs in different cities He tells them the Congress believes in ‘rights-based’ governance He adds proudly that this is the greatest achievement of 10 years of Congress rule and lists the right to jobs education food grain and information that have now been legally provided to the people of India I have watched his wanderings with real interest in the hope that just once I might find that he has noticed that more fundamental rights remain absent from this list The facts are dismal Sixty years of Congress rule and only 18 per cent of rural households have access to electricity clean water and sanitation The situation is the same in most cities Only two Indian cities have regular uninterrupted supplies of water Thiruvananthapuram and Kota Instead of meeting the poorest of poor Indians in sanitised situations had the Congress’s candidate for prime minister met them in their homes he would have seen that their malnourished children get sick and die from preventable diseases caused by the absence of sanitation and clean water Should these rights not have come before the right to information Every other Indian child is malnourished and every Indian child if it survives for three years faces the horrible trauma of a test to get into nursery school Instead of boasting about the ‘right’ to education Rahul Gandhi would do better to ask why there are not enough schools in India Why did his mother’s government not liberate the education system from the licence raj that strangles it This would have been as big an achievement as ending the licence raj for industry was Instead the Sonia-Manmohan government bequeathed us the ‘right’ to education This has ‘achieved’ for very poor children the right to admission in their neighbourhood school so the onus has been slyly shifted to private schools in cities In villages government schools are so bad that even very poor parents pay for private schools So the priority of a new education policy should have been drastic improvement in state schools This did not happen What has happened is that small private schools are threatened with closure because they do not have sufficient playing fields and girls’ toilets Luckily for us the right to cheap food grain has not yet been implemented or India might already have been bankrupt Unless the next government has the courage to abolish this law we will be anyway because conservative estimates calculate an expenditure of more than Rs 125000 crore to implement this mostly useless right The reason why it is useless is because nearly all malnourished Indian children already have enough access to food grain The problem usually is that they have never drunk a glass of milk or eaten green vegetables This is why they are malnourished If the Rs 125000 crore was spent instead on feeding programmes like Akshay Patra we may have already dealt with malnutrition and rural unemployment So the ‘rights based’ governance that Rahul Gandhi boasts of is mostly a sham a huge hoax on the people of India And there is no point in just blaming the Congress for this because the laws that have given us these rights were passed with the consent of the BJP It is poetic justice that a BJP government may take charge after the polls Speaking of justice reminds me of a few more rights that should have preceded the ones we have been given The right to justice remains a dream for the average Indian because only very rich Indians can afford to spend 20 years in court This is why crimes like rape and murder remain unpunished for decades Related to this is the right to policemen who work for the interests of victims of crime rather than at the behest of powerful vested interests Even middle-class Indians know that if their daughters are raped or their homes robbed they need to find someone powerful enough to help them register a case And then the case can go on so long that justice becomes meaningless Has nobody told Rahul Gandhi that the ‘rights’ his mother’s government gave India in the past decade are mostly a chimera Has nobody told him that this illusion of ‘rights based governance’ was created only to divert attention from the abysmal failure to provide any real achievements in education healthcare and nutrition If he wants to remain in the race to become India’s next prime minister he would do well to spend some time doing homework The good thing though about the campaign is that for once every political party is talking about governance instead of communalism and secularism That is an achievement Follow Tavleen Singh on Twitter @ tavleen_singh For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: April 20 2017 3:33 am Top News POLICE ARRESTED three persons Tuesday night in Aarey Colony for stealing Rs 12 lakhThe accused cash-handlers for a private firm that served as an intermediary between banks and customers allegedly made away with the money and claimed that they had been robbed Two of the arrested accused Anil Kondaskar (20) a resident of Nalasopara and Mayur Vichle (21) who lives in Jogeshwari were employed at Logicash a private firm that handled cash between customers and banks The two along with Prasad Patil (26) and a fourth accomplice had allegedly planned to rob the cash they had collected from customers to deposit at the bank “On Tuesday evening the two employees of Logicash company collected cash from around 21 customers and were taking it to the bank in Andheri While going through Aarey road they claimed to have been stopped by two other people on a motorcycle at around 5 pm According to them the two persons assaulted them and made away with the sack of cash” said Deputy Commissioner of Police Kiran Chavan According to the police Kondaskar and Vichle lodged a complaint at Aarey police station at around 630 pm and claimed they were beaten up and robbed by two people“Their statements were varying and contradictory and so we questioned them further and then they confessed that they were behind the robbery” the DCP said According to the police Patil had hatched the plan to rob the money and roped in Kondaskar and Vichle Patil along with a fourth accused stopped Kondaskar and Vichle on Aarey road and punched them and made away with the cash following which the two lodged a complaint at Aarey police station so that the police do not suspect them Police arrested the three later in the night and recovered Rs 904500 from the Jogeshwari residence of one of the accused The fourth accused is still absconding and police are on the lookout for him The three accused have been remanded in police custody till April 25 A case under sections 392 (punishment for robbery) and 34 (acts done by several persons in furtherance of common intention) of the Indian Penal Code has been registered against the accused Kondaskar and Vichle had been employed at the private firm for about a year and had handled large amounts of cash in the past as well According to the police they do not have a prior criminal record For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top News

The most defining moment was when the Warriors’ Head Coach Steve Kerr took Curry out of the game and cameras zoomed in on a rather perplexed Kerr asking Curry if he was alright. How is it that usually voluble commentators are keeping by appearances of business as usual? Will the new coach be a foreigner? as Gujarat chief minister on October 21,” Aamir added. including North Korea. with the urgent threat of North Korea’s nuclear ambitions and tensions over trade on the agenda for the first meeting between the leaders of the world’s two largest economies. #AthiyaShetty #soorajpancholi @HeroTheFilm pic. The BCCI is vastly exceeding their authority.” Also Read?

“These allegations have been made to tarnish Kejriwal’s image. Police said that the male members of the gang carried out thefts and Kaur was declared a proclaimed offender in a case of burglary registered in Raikot. For all the latest Ahmedabad News, 2017 2:28 am Top News The Bombay High Court pulled up a designated judge of a special POCSO court after the accused in a rape case expressed apprehensions of bias and aired doubts about getting justice.Written by Naveed Iqbal | New Delhi | Published: November 10 ? The duo were remanded in police custody for a day. but the centre is not functional because there are no doctors to treat or any agency to operate the centre. Ajinkya Rahane, India’s Cinderella!

was almost caught on zero runs and took until the 12th ball to get off the mark, They have to be expressed in institutional action. whose politics is a throwback to the Ram Janmabhoomi days.targeted subsidies and electronic payments do not depend on who provides these IDs. mujhe chahiye poorna swaraj,s Sarkar.housing and other such minimum rights.a gardener at a bungalow at Command Hospital in Wanawdi,I want to study and these things will be useful. For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Pune | Published: July 16 2013 2:32 am Related News Unhappy with the biased judgments and discriminatory treatment given out to women by Sharia courts run by the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB)a parallel system of Sharia courts is being set up by women to offer a more sympathetic view of the problems faced by them Of the four courts being set up across the countryone will start functioning in Pune within a week MumbaiAhmedabad and Dindigul are the three other cities where similar courts will be set up by the Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan (BMMA) Saeeda Jamadarwho will head the bench in Punesaid their court will start functioning within a week There have been several cases where the Mufti sahibs who are on the benches are biased towards men In divorce cases they give decisions favouring the husbandsometimes at the cost of undermining shariat principals as laid down in the Holy Quran Women are treated very badly at these centres Many a times muftis hand out talaqs to couples by taking money from the husbands All of this has forced us to start these courts so that the women will get a sympathetic hearing?" Federer said.

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