first_img• Tilray jumped 30% last Wednesday… Aurora Cannabis closed the day up 9%. Canopy Growth and Cronos Group both jumped 8%.These are big moves. But marijuana stocks are likely headed much higher.I say this because Sessions’ departure could pave the way for outright marijuana legalization. That’s something you’ll want to be ready for… and I’ll show you how to do that.But let me tell you why marijuana could be legalized sooner than most people think.• Support for legal marijuana has gone mainstream…According to a nationwide poll by Gallup last month, 66% of Americans now support marijuana legalization. That’s an all-time high.Not only that, a clear majority of Republicans now support legalization. That’s important because red states have historically opposed marijuana legalization.This tells us that there’s been a major shift in public opinion. Of course, the public doesn’t always get what it wants. But in this case, politicians are listening to the people. FREE BRIEFING: The “New Gold Standard” Be patient. The marijuana industry is still very young. A healthy dose of volatility is to be expected. Don’t obsess over daily swings. Find out here Never bet more money than you can afford to lose. By Justin Spittler, editor, Casey Daily DispatchJeff Sessions is gone.And marijuana investors couldn’t be happier. More on that in a second. But first, let me bring you up to speed.Last Wednesday, President Trump asked Sessions to resign from his position as attorney general. He named Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general while he looks for a more permanent replacement.Now, no one knows who the next attorney general will be. But whoever Trump picks can’t possibly be worse for the marijuana industry than Sessions was.• Sessions is a notorious drug warrior…He once called marijuana “slightly less awful” than heroin. He also believes “good people don’t smoke marijuana.”To be fair, Sessions didn’t go after the marijuana industry while in office. But he did rescind the Cole Memorandum, opening the door for a federal crackdown on the industry.Because of this, Sessions created a lot of uncertainty around the marijuana industry. He kept many investors, including big institutions, from investing in the space.So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that marijuana stocks rallied on the news of his resignation. Recommended Link — • Marijuana legalization is sweeping the country… Last week, Michigan legalized recreational marijuana. It became the first state in the Midwest to do so.Utah – a state where dancing is practically illegal – and Missouri both legalized medical marijuana.Thirty-three states have now legalized medical marijuana. And 10 states have legalized recreational marijuana.But make no mistake. The rest of the country will follow suit. Fortune reported last week:In a key race in Texas, Republican Representative Pete Sessions lost his seat on the House Rules Committee, where he has been blocking votes on cannabis amendments. The Democrat who defeated him, Collin Allred, has called him out for keeping veterans with PTSD from accessing medical marijuana.In Illinois, Democrat JB Pritzker successfully ran on a pro-legalization platform to unseat first-term Republican Governor Bruce Rauner.Democrat Tony Evers defeated Republican incumbent Scott Walker in the governor’s race in Wisconsin. His platform includes legalizing medical marijuana, which voters in 14 of 16 counties across the state signaled support for in advisory referendums on the ballot.Of course, the U.S. marijuana industry won’t truly take off until marijuana is legalized at the federal level. And that could happen much sooner than people think.• Mexico is getting ready to legalize marijuana… On October 31, Mexico’s Supreme Court issued two rulings that overturned the country’s ban on recreational marijuana.A week later, a Mexican senator introduced a bill that would legalize marijuana and allow its sale. The Mexican Congress now has 90 days to decide how to regulate it.This is huge for Mexico. But this development also has massive implications for the U.S. Crisis Investing editor Nick Giambruno wrote in a recent update to his readers:This puts even more pressure on the U.S. to legalize cannabis as soon as possible. Its neighbors to the north and south – every other country in North America – will soon have legal cannabis markets worth hundreds of billions of dollars. This will put tremendous political and economic pressure on Washington to legalize.Nick is absolutely right. And with Sessions out of the picture, outright marijuana legalization at the federal level now feels like a forgone conclusion.• So consider betting on marijuana stocks if you haven’t yet…Just understand that marijuana stocks are highly volatile. As always, treat them like a speculation.This means you should: — In that interview he said that there’s hatred or love of Trump, but it’s not Trump’s fault. WRONG! He’s making America less great virtually every day by destroying the rule of law, but attacking people fleeing violence, the environment, public lands, animals (Endangered Species Act, etc.), labor protections, our allies, etc., etc. And people are supposed to like this? – William Recommended Link Stick to your stop losses. By following these steps, you can make a fortune in the years ahead without exposing yourself to big losses.Regards,Justin Spittler New Orleans, LA November 13, 2018Reader MailbagToday, more readers respond to Doug Casey’s latest interview on political bombings…I enjoyed the interview. I had forgotten what the ’60s and ’70s were like. I realized that today’s troubles are a piece of cake. Though we do need to work things out. – Marie 178 Ways to Make Money Without a “Day Job”Unemployment is low…but that doesn’t mean everyone is happy. You could be earning a lot more…if only you knew how. Click here to find out how to claim a FREE copy of this book. It could change your life in ways you can’t even imagine! From a former teacher, I’m glad I don’t have to rely on Doug’s evaluation of the worth of teachers for my personal and professional validation. Unfortunately, characterizing teachers’ value by using a detracting term short changes both the persons attacked and the attacker. In this case, needless attacks detract from the basic message about future social conditions. – EllenAs always, please send in your thoughts, along with any questions or suggestions for the Dispatch, to [email protected] This Go Down as the Greatest Day in Stock Market History?Strategic Investor editor E.B. Tucker is telling investors to circle February 4, 2019 on their calendars. Thanks to a recent Supreme Court ruling, he believes $4 billion will move into three well-positioned stocks in one day.Investors who get in ahead of time could make a killing and ride share prices up 4x in a single day. You can get the full story here… “Make America Gold Again”President Trump loves gold. His buildings are covered in it. He once accepted $200,000 in gold bullion as a lease deposit. And he’s repeatedly called for a return to the gold standard. Now, it appears the president may finally be getting his wish… According to currency expert Teeka Tiwari, several American cities (including Trump’s hometown of New York) could be on the verge of rolling out a new “gold standard.” All based on a breathtaking new technology. “It’s incredible,” says Tiwari. “Not only will this make America ‘great again,’ but it will also help make countless individuals rich.” Teeka has located 4 companies poised to gain from the new “gold standard,” including one currently priced under $1. For all the details, click on the button below:last_img

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