first_img The 11 Weirdest ‘Scooby-Doo’ Guest Stars’Joker’ Gets Eight-Minute Standing Ovation at World Premiere Stay on target DC Comics is no stranger to reboots, or relaunches, or… restarting series. Whatever you want to refer to it as. The latest is Rebirth; a publisher wide relaunch meant to breathe life back into the DC Universe. I had not had much interest in DC Comics ever since their last reboot, the New 52, but solid creative teams and what seems like a genuine approach to righting the wrongs of the New 52 pulled me back in. Here, I take a look at the five strongest relaunches coming out of Rebirth.SupermanWriter Peter J. Tomasi and artist Patrick Gleason are no stranger to father-son relationships, as their Batman & Robin series was one of the strongest launches from the last DC reboot. Here, they use Clark’s relationship with his son and find the warmth and optimism in Superman that the New 52 lacked. It’s not all about hugs, though, as it is packed with action that can only be described as Dragon Ball Z-esque. It is impossible to read Superman without smiling. The first ten issues are currently available in print and online.Wonder WomanCritically acclaimed, fan-favorite writer Greg Rucka returns to not only Wonder Woman, but the DC Universe, with artists Liam Sharp and Nicola Scott. Crafting two stories, one in the present, and a Year One story set in flashbacks, Rucka has clearly set out to define the character in a way that matches Batman and Superman. Giving the character a definitive, iconic origin is such a great way to start off the series. The first ten issues are currently available in print and online.BatSuperstar writer Tom King, coming off of his critically acclaimed runs on Vision and The Omega Men, with a powerhouse team of rotating artists in David Finch and Mikel Janin, launch Batman right into a brand new story, while also taking the character out of his element. The first arc alone is a mission statement for a Batman that cannot do it all on his own, which is a much more human take on the Caped Crusader. If the idea of Rebirth is to revitalize these characters, and the universe they exist in, then King, Finch, and Janin are succeeding. The first ten issues are currently available in print and online.SupergirlSupergirl is a character that I have never had much attachment to, but writer Steve Orlando is a creator that I will follow to the ends of the earth. His take on Supergirl, with artist Brian Ching, is so refreshing. It is bright, heartfelt, and so full of optimism that it is hard not to get wrapped up in it. With Superman being a dad, it sets a more solid distinction between the two characters, and allows Supergirl to step up into a more defined role, both as a hero and as a character. The best example Rebirth has to offer on reintroducing a character; Supergirl stands out as the young, hopeful voice. The first three issues are available in print and online.TrinityStarring a Superman from the classic universe, the Batman from the modern New 52 universe, and a Wonder Woman unsure of her origin, writer/artist Francis Manapul teams the DC universe’s greatest heroes together for the first time. The best Rebirth title by far, Manapul clearly has a love and understanding for the characters, managing to strike at the cores of all three despite the messy circumstances that have brought them all together. Beautifully drawn by Manapul as well, with a luscious, painted look that makes the book feel unlike anything else coming out currently. Simple and sweet, while also somehow honest and epic, Trinity is a comic that any fan of the DC Universe should be reading.   The first two issues are available in print and online.last_img

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