first_imgThe goal of the Raspberry Pi Foundation in releasing limited quantities of the Raspberry Pi was to accelerate the development of software for the machine before targeting schools. It seems to be working, and anyone lucky enough to have received their Raspberry Pi will soon be enjoying a much faster operating system.The reason for this is the development of the Raspbian Linux distribution. It is a distro based on Debian, but with all the packages optimized specifically for the Raspberry Pi. While multiple flavors of ARM-friendly Linux are already available for the tiny machine, Raspbian is the first to target it specifically and focus on performance. The new OS also takes full advantage of the floating point hardware the board’s processor contains–something previous distributions haven’t been able to do.One of the Raspberry Pi developers, going by the name of Dom, has been experimenting with Raspbian and the performance improvements it brings. He’s also managed to successfully overclock the board to run at 1GHz instead of the stock 700Mhz the ARM11 chip ships at.The combination of an overclock and optimized operating system make the Raspberry Pi noticeably faster and lightning quick at loading web pages. Even without the overclock, Raspberry Pi users are promised a number of speed improvements.Check out the video above for an idea of just how quick the Raspberry Pi can be when running Raspbian. And if you want to overclock your board, it’s really simple as the values you need to change are just stored in a text file. Fusionstrike has a guide you can follow to push up the speed. Be warned though, if you start messing around too much (over volting) you may void your warranty.Read more at Raspberry Pilast_img

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