first_imgThere are times when a video comes along that makes us really frustrated because the product on display isn’t available yet. Falling squarely into this category is the video above from the Wonder Years creative agency. It demonstrates “smart” Lego bricks that would allow users to visualize and interact with their creations on an iOS or Android device. This is definitely one of those “shut up and take my money” projects that we hope Lego picks up on right away.A concept that seeks to merge physical and digital play, these so-called BrainBricks allow small chips to be inserted into Lego bricks that wirelessly communicate their exact configuration. While the video doesn’t go into detail how this would be done, it means anything you create with real Lego can appear in digital form on your tablet or phone.Ultimately the idea behind BrainBricks is to allow you to model a racing vehicle in the real world that would then be converted into a digital version automatically so you can test it out against other people’s creations in a sort of Mario Kart-esque experience. There are a number of possibilities with this concept, since a person could perfect a build for rocky or watery terrain, or create a sleek vehicle that looks to squeeze as much speed out as possible. And what’s to stop other types of vehicles being created?Currently the BrainBricks concept is posted on the LEGO Cuusoo site in hopes that it will get picked up and funded . It’s safe to assume that the interest in this product will be high, so here’s to hoping that Lego notices and picks it up.Read more at the Lego Cuusoo page, via Pocket-lintlast_img

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