first_imgThe tech-savvy lad in the image above? He’s doing his mom a favor and removing Internet Explorer 6 from her Windows laptop. IE used to be good for two things: downloading other browsers and taking up space in the recycle bin. That’s changed with IE9, however, and Microsoft wants you to know more about “the browser you loved to hate.”In fact, you can head over to to see what all the fuss is about. Mixed in among the chuckle-worthy charts that detail other kinds of comebacks are quotes from reviewers, pundits, and Average Joes from around the Web who can’t believe what a great browser IE9 is. Microsoft highlights the usual features: hardware acceleration, improved standards support, stronger malware defense, and taskbar pinning.It’s that last point that they’re hoping is what grabs you. The site doesn’t ask you to switch to IE9 — only that you give site pinning a try with the sites you use the most, like Facebook and Pandora. While you’re enjoying the enhanced shell integration pinning offers (like desktop notifications and quick access to key web app features via jump lists), they figure you might find a few other things to like about the new Internet Explorer.At the very least, Microsoft thinks you’ll be surprised by how un-sucky IE9 is, especially if you’re like the chap in the video and you used to spend your days grabbing the mouse away from your friends so you could download a proper web browser onto their computers.More at Browser You Loved To Hate and Windows Team Bloglast_img

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