first_imgThe PS Vita is due to launch on February 22 next year across the U.S. and Canada. Many gamers already have their pre-orders made, and now just have a long wait of nearly 5 months.You could get it sooner by importing one from Japan, but I’ve already predicted a $1000 price tag if you do. Sony is offering you a legitimate way to get a PS Vita early, though. Seven whole days early in fact.Announced via the PlayStation.Blog, Sony has decided to offer a PlayStation Vita First Edition Bundle that will launch on February 15. In the U.S. it will include a 3G version of the device along with a 4GB memory card (which is required for some games), a limited edition PS Vita case, and the game Little Deviants. The price is $349.99. In Canada a similar bundle will be offered, but with the WiFi version of the Vita for $299.99.The bundle isn’t any more expensive for being released a week early, and it may be a better way to ensure you secure the machine if demand is high. However, just remember that nothing else launches for a week, so if you really hate the Little Deviants game it’s doubtful you can pick up or download any other games until the 22nd.What’s unclear is how many of these First Edition Bundles Sony is going to make available. The company must be confident on stock levels in order to make the offer in the first place, but there could be a limit of a few thousand before it switches back to separate hardware and game sales for the real launch.Read more at PlayStation.Bloglast_img

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