Washington – The clear vision that King Mohammed VI has laid out for the future of the Nation is the “driving force” behind the impressive reform process which put Morocco on the path of consolidating democratic institutions and openness, Youssef Amrani, Chargé de Mission at the King’s Office, said Tuesday in Washington.“This Royal vision is based on a specific well-tried Moroccan model because it reflects our needs and our unique identity,” Amrani said during a panel meeting held at the prestigious US think tank Brookings Institute, under the theme “Morocco and the regional context.”It is also “a global vision that seeks to integrate the different aspects of human development by ensuring the simultaneous promotion of the two essential pillars of economic development and political development,” he added. “All these factors – the vision, the approach, and the longstanding commitment in favor of democratic consolidation – are the foundation of the unique Moroccan democratic experience,” he underlined.

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