Rabat – Health Minister Hossine El Ouardi has announced on Friday that more than 60 percent of Moroccans have now access to health coverage.Speaking during the opening session of an international seminar on health coverage for disadvantaged groups in the capital Rabat, the minister said the number of Moroccans who are now enrolled has expanded to reach 62 percent of the population. He said that 34 percent of them have picked health insurance plans through the compulsory health insurance system which has been available since 2005 while 28 percent through the Medical Assistance Plan known as RAMED.The Minister added that 40 percent of Moroccans are still in need of health insurance for themselves and their families including self-employed professionals working in the private sector as well as students. He said that the Health Ministry is putting the final touches on a draft law that would allow Moroccans working in the private sector to also be included in the health insurance system. They are to be provided with health insurance later this year, the minister said. In his evaluation to the Medical Assistance Plan (RAMED) initiated three years ago, El Ouardi said that the system is still facing a number of drawbacks which reduces its effectiveness, including poor infrastructure, acute shortage in human resources, funding shortages and the lack of governance and management.

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