first_imgDear Editor,It is undoubtedly true that the PPP/C has led the battle against the three APNU/AFC-appointed Commissioners of GECOM and their many subjects in the GECOM Secretariat.The battle is ongoing even in this 99th hour to prevent pre-Election Day rigging, Election Day rigging and post-Election Day rigging.Change Guyana Party is in solidarity with all legitimate efforts to avert rigging of Guyana’s National and Regional Elections scheduled for March 2, 2020.However, the two dinosaur parties have created and fostered or festered an election system that leaves a less than 2% functional space for small or new parties to have a meaningful role in the modus operandi of the Guyana Elections from the election of the Commissioners and the GECOM Chairperson to the convoluted system for new parties to participate in Guyana’s General and Regional Elections.Nevertheless, we have written articles condemning the futile, defective and aborted H2H Registration process that was conceived and executed in a treacherous and vacuous manner.The current efforts of the new parties to primarily focus on the need to qualify for the ballot overtook our focus on the H2H Registration sleight of hand that has reconstituted and word twisted non-verification as a synonym for verification and for inclusion on the Revised List of Electors (RLE). GECOM is now upending centuries of accepted grammar and semantics.Yet, the witless pursuit of treating unverified as verified unverified and placing these phantoms on the RLE continue to this day and may well seep into and stain the Official List of Electors.One cannot reconcile the flawed with the unflawed. It’s like trying to mate a hyena with an elephant.The longer Justice Singh takes to discard the unverified, unwarranted an ineffectual H2H defective registration, the deeper we are into pre-rigging of Guyana’s General and Regional Elections set for March 2, 2020.Name withheldlast_img

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