first_imgThe subsidiary accumulates two years in an almost endless rosary of serious injuries (Fran García, Feuillassier …). “It seems they have put a curse on us,” they said at the club. This course, three stood out. Cesar Gelabert, called to be the figure of Castilla, last July he fractured his clavicle and then had a problem in the nasal septum that forced him to play with a mask. The result? Only 13 games with the team. Brazilian Rodrigo Rodrigues (cost € 1M in 2018) suffered a meniscus tear and Peter, the starting point, the tears of the anterior cruciate ligament, the external meniscus, and the internal meniscus.’Gual interruptus’ … and a lot of inexperienceAmong the almost picturesque situations that this reduced end of season will offer for Castilla is that of the scorer Marc Gual. That injury from Pedro in January forced the club to mobilize. He managed the emergency signing of Gual within hours of the market closing for just six months (he is on loan from Sevilla). After only six games (and two goals) will have to end his brief stint as a Real Madrid player abruptly. Reinier, after scoring Coruxo with Castilla.JUAN AGUADO Raúl, giving instructions in a preseason game.PEPE ANDRES It has been noted, without that help from a player who came from Second, the inexperience. Raúl’s idea was to have boys still in Youth age. He debuted in Las Rozas with a lineup that averaged only 19 years. The youngest, along with Las Palmas Atlético, of the 80 clubs that make up the Segunda B … He has also had to work with four goalkeepers (Altube, Belman -now injured-, Fuidias and Lucas Cañizares). Despite that Beardless castile and injuries, seven had found his eleven …I stop the Youth and there will be exitsThe talents that were coming out in Juvenile A of Poyatos and they must be the base of the next Castilla (Morante, Sintes, Gutiérrez …) have not been able to tan in the final stretch of the campaign. Neither Youth League (the eighths were suspended against Juventus), nor the King’s Cup nor the Champions Cup, if they qualified. That litter will go up without that baggage to the jungle that is the Second B.Furthermore, Raúl knows that the club will have to reconfigure Castilla. They are professional footballers and the outings take precedence, because they have offers on the table. There are youth squads with many girlfriends (Gelabert, Blanco, Baeza …) and others who by age have completed a cycle and are ready to jump (Javi Hernández, De la Fuente …). This summer, with First and Second Clubs eager for quality transfers not to spend on transfers, from the outside you look at Castilla with greed… The RFEF proposal to settle the promotions to Second with the playoff counting only the top four finishers in each group before the break leaves Castilla, seventh in Group I of Segunda B, offside. Raul and their kids waited for a ray of hope not to give up the course because of the Covid-19. Thus, the coach and the castillistas ‘teleworked’ as best they could from home, thinking of resuming a season that was beginning to go up. It cannot be. Raúl’s first project with Castilla remains as an unfinished work… Without Reinier and many serious injuriesFor several reasons, Raúl began the preseason with an exceptional attack (Kubo and Rodrygo) and ran out of them. The Japanese did not get to play any official match before leaving on loan to Mallorca and Rodrygo, just two before being claimed by Zidane. Just before the break, Rodrygo fell again against Sanse and was a cyclone, with a great goal included. The Brazilian Reinier (18 years old) was going to have a good time in the subsidiary and had offered two goals and one assist after joining Madrid in January for € 35M. “He will give us great things because he is very talented, it will be important,” said Raúl himself. It was going to be a differential factor. Another year in Segunda B when the subsidiary was going upNobody in the club, from the leadership (Florentino Pérez) to the immediate leadership (Ramón Martínez, responsible for Factory) you demanded in summer Raúl ascend to Castilla Second. To the seven he is seen as a future heir to Zidane on the bench of the first team and as with the Marseillaise, Castilla is a formative step, without pressure. With everything and with that, the coronavirus has cut off the possibility of a promotion that would remove the subsidiary from the bronze category, where it has lived since 2014.But it’s gone from less to more this year. Castilla bottomed out in Mareo on November 3. He fell 3-0 at halftime against Sporting B, there was raulina Raúl in the locker room and the subsidiary almost came back (4-2). The character of seven is noted. Castilla came to watch the relegation zone closely because outside Valdebebas it has been a disaster (it would be 16th in the table if only points were scored at home). It was x-rayed by the Ibiza coach, veteran Pablo Alfaro. “This Castilla can have a fantastic day and another very minor …”. Even so, Raúl was achieving regularity in his pupils. In the last five games before the break, three wins and one draw. Castilla was going up.last_img

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