first_img For all the Latest Sports News News, ICC World Cup News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps. New Delhi: Jonny Bairstow’s 106 off 99 balls along with Mark Wood’s 3/34 helped England seal semi-final berth in ICC World Cup 2019. Batting first, England got off to a perfect start with both Jonny Bairstow and Jason Roy hammering the ball all-around the ground and eventually registering 123-run stand. Their contribution, along with Morgan’s late-fire 42 off 40 helped host to finish for 305 runs, which on the given day, turned out to be too much for the Kiwis as they fell short by a massive margin of 119 runs at Riverside Ground in Chester-le-Street.22:53 hrs IST: That’s it from us. Hope you enjoyed our coverage as much as we did to bring this to you. Do join us for tomorrow’s game as Afghanistan play their last game against West Indies. Till then, it’s bye from Vedant. Keep cheering and enjoy the World Cup.22:51 hrs IST: Jonny Bairstow was awarded as the man-of-the-match.22:42 hrs IST: RESULT: England beat New Zealand by 119 runs, qualify for semi-finals22:39 hrs IST: WICKET! Knocked him over. Matt Henry departs for 7. England now one wicket away. After 44 overs, it’s 181/9. 22:35 hrs IST: England are minutes away from victory. After 43 overs, it’s 180/8. 22:33 hrs IST: Just one came from the over. After 42 overs, it’s 176/8. 22:29 hrs IST: Four singles from the over. After 41 overs, it’s 175/8. 22:20 hrs IST: WICKET! Trapped right in front. Mark Wood gets another wicket. Santner departs for 12. England now three wickets away. After 40 overs, it’s 171/8.22:15 hrs IST: WICKET! Liam Plunkett bowled a slower one and Latham just couldn’t time it. New Zealand’s last hope is back to the pavilion. England three wickets away from entering the semi-finals. After 39 overs, it’s 166/7. 22:12 hrs IST: Good over for New Zealand. Couple of boundaries from the over. After 38 overs, it’s 168/6. 22:07 hrs IST: FIFTY! Tom Latham gets to his 15th ODI fifty! The form is back! After 37 overs, it’s 157/6. 22:05 hrs IST: Tom Latham has looked good today. He hasn’t been that effective in the tournament but has come good today. After 36 overs, it’s 151/6. 21:55 hrs IST: Time for DRINKS!21:45 hrs IST: The runs are just not coming. Just three runs from the over. After 33 overs, it’s 139/3. 21:35 hrs IST: Two runs from the over. After 29 overs, it’s 130/6. 21:25 hrs IST: Very disappointed by New Zealand’s steep decline at the World Cup. Will scrape through on NRR but don’t see them troubling Australia in the semi-final. Pakistan can well say New Zealand were very lucky a couple of times but eventually you make your own fortune. The first loss to the West Indies is still haunting them. Having said that, they still need to beat Bangladesh who have played better than their results indicate, said Harsha Bhogle21:15 hrs IST: WICKET! Mark Wood bowled a good length delivery and Jimmy Neesham tried to send it through the left side of point fielder. However, gets an inside edge and onto the stumps. Half-side back to the pavilion. After 26 overs, it’s 124/5. 21:10 hrs IST: The first 25 overs are done and dusted. England are right on top. Hoowever, New Zealand has made some sort of a comeback with Latham, Neesham managing a 50-run stand. After 25 overs, it’s 123/4.21:04 hrs IST: Seven runs off the over. It’s 115/4 in 24 overs. 21:00 hrs IST: A small partnership between Latham and Neesham seems to be building up. The duo has scored 37 runs together. After 23 overs, it’s 108/4. 20:56 hrs IST: 100-up for New Zealand. After 22 overs, it’s 104/4.20:53 hrs IST: Another big over. It has been easier to score against spinners. 10 came from it. After 21 overs, it’s 97/4. 20:50 hrs IST: The first 20 overs done and dusted. England has been able to dominate the second half perfectly. After 20 overs, it’s 87/4. 20:48 hrs IST: Good over for Kiwis. Nine runs from it. After 19 overs, it’s 84/4.20:45 hrs IST: Five runs from the over. After 18 overs, it’s 75/4.20:37 hrs IST: WICKET! Another wicket down. What is New Zealand trying to do? – Ross Taylor gets run out. After 17 overs, it’s 70/4. 20:29 hrs IST: WICKET! This could be the game-changing moment of the match. Brilliant work from Wood, but he wasn’t 100 percent sure if he got a hand on it initially. Kane Williamson gets RUN-OUT! After 16 overs, it’s 68/3.20:24 hrs IST: Five runs from the over. After 15 overs, it’s 61/2.20:15 hrs IST: Ones and twos – New Zealand are building the partnership again. Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor are playing with responsibility. After 14 overs, it’s 56/2. 20:09 hrs IST: Just three runs from the over and New Zealand see themseleves at 40/2 in 11 overs. 20:04 hrs IST: The first 10 overs belong to England. They have been able to come with a set plan and have execute it perfectly. After 10 overs, it’s 37/2. 20:00 hrs IST: A boundary and three singles from the over. After 9 overs, it’s 28/2. 19:56 hrs IST: The onus is on Kane Williamson. After 8 overs, it’s 21/1. 19:49 hrs IST: Three runs from the over and all-important wicket. After 6 overs, it’s 16/2.19:47 hrs IST: WICKET! Openers back to pavilion and Jofra Archer picks his first. Martin Guptill’s forgettable run continues. After 5.2 overs, it’s 14/2. 19:43 hrs IST: New Zealand batsmen Martin Guptill and Kane Williamson are watching the ball cautiously. After 5 overs, 13/1. 19:25 hrs IST: WICKET! Henry Nicholas gets a golden duck. Oh dear! New Zealand needed a good start. After 1 over, it’s 2/1.19:22 hrs IST: We are back with chase, as Martin Guptill and Henry Nicholas are out in the middle and so are English player.18:50 hrs IST: INNINGS BREAK: England 305/8 in 50 overs vs New Zealand (Jonny Bairstow 104, Matt Henry 2/54)18:46 hrs IST: England’s tail-enders are doing well to take them to a fighting total. 22 runs came in last two overs. After 49 overs, it’s 299/7. 18:32 hrs IST: WICKET! Matt Henry bowled a slower delivery and Morgan was early in his shot – smashed it straight to the fielder. England – SEVEN DOWN. After 47 overs, it’s 277/7.18:31 hrs IST: BIG OVER! Couple of boundaries and England managed 13 runs from Trent Boult’s over. After 46 overs, it’s 272/6. 18:25 hrs IST: WICKET! Neesham sends Chris Woakes for 4. England is in serious trouble now. They haven’t been able to build partnership. After 45 overs, it’s 259/6.18:21 hrs IST: Ones and twos – that’s exactly what England team is able to manage. The runs have become fifficult to score. After 44 overs, it’s 254/5.18:17 hrs IST: Just one run off the over, and New Zealand are certainly back on track. After 43 overs, it;s 249/5. 18:13 hrs IST: WICKET! Santner tossed the ball up and Ben Stokes tried to go down the track but finds the fielder. After 42 overs, it’s 248/5. 18:10 hrs IST: Stokes is taking too much time in the middle to get settled. Five from the over. With 9 overs still to go, England will still be fancying their chances to go past 320-run mark. After 41 overs, it’s 246/4. 18:05 hrs IST: A boundary and five runs from the over. After 40 overs, it’s 241/4.18:01 hrs IST: Just three from the over. After 39 overs, it’s 232/4. 17:57 hrs IST: Another good over from New Zealand. Just three from the over. After 38 overs, it’s 229/4. 17:53 hrs IST: MAIDEN OVER! It took a while for Kiwi bowlers to bowl this. After 37 overs, it’s 226/4. 17:50 hrs IST: Couple of boundaries from the over. After 36 overs, it’s 226/4. 17:44 hrs IST: A wicket and four runs. After 35 overs, it’s 218/4. 17:41 hrs IST: WICKET! GONE! And New Zealand are back in the game. Buttler departs for 10. After 34.2 overs, it’s 214/4.17:39 hrs IST: Another good over from Matt Henry. Three singles from the over. After 34 overs, it’s 214/3. 17:34 hrs IST: Five runs from the over. After 33 overs, it’s 211/3. 17:29 hrs IST: WICKET! Inside edge and onto the stumps. A superb ton comes to an end. New Zealand picks two quick wickets. After 32 overs, it’s 206/3. 17:21 hrs IST: 200-up for England in 31 overs and it’s time for DRINKS.17:16 hrs IST: WICKET! Just a slight nip and through to the keeper. Joe Root will have to take a long walk back to the pavilion. Trent Boult provides all-important breakthrough. Departs for 24. 17:14 hrs IST: CENTURY! Bairstow flicks down to square leg region and off she goes – gets to his 9th ODI ton. After 30 overs, it’s 194/1. 17:09 hrs IST: Four singles from the over. Bairstow is taking his time as he enters 90s. After 29 overs, it’s 186/1. 17:05 hrs IST: Jonny Bairstow nears his 9th ODI ton and England see themselves at 182/1 in 28 overs. 17:00 hrs IST: 50-run stand between Bairstow and Root. After 27 overs, it’s 173/1.16:52 hrs IST: Seven runs from the over. After 26 overs, it’s 168/1.16:50 hrs IST: First 25 overs are done and dusted. England has started off pretty well and should finish between 330-340 from here. It’s 161/1. 16:44 hrs IST: 150-up for England. 11 runs from the over and they see themselves at 156/1 in 24 overs. 16:41 hrs IST: Four runs from the over. After 23 overs, it’s 145/1.16:37 hrs IST: There seems to be nothing for the bowler at Riverside Ground. After 22 overs, it’s 141/1. 16:33 hrs IST: Just two runs from the over. After 21 overs, it’s 135/1. 16:29 hrs IST: The first 20 overs belong to England. They have been able to dominate the game well. After 20 overs, its 133/1. 16:22 hrs IST: WICKET! After couple of boundaries in 19th over, Jimmy Neesham bowled a slower delivery and Roy was early in his shot. First breathrough and a much-needed one for New Zealand. After 19 overs, it’s 124/1.16:18 hrs IST: Good comeback from Tim Southee. Just four runs from the over. After 18 overs, it’s 115/0.16:11 hrs IST: FIFTY! The duo gets to their respective fifties and what a better day to get to this milestone. Jason Roy gets to his 17th ODI fifty and Jonny Bairstow gets to his 12th ODI fifty. After 17 overs, it’s 111/0.16:08 hrs IST: Just three runs from the over. After 16 overs, it’s 107/0.16:03 hrs IST: 100-run stand between Jonny Bairstow and Jason Roy. It has been an exceptional first wicket stand. After 15 overs, it’s 104/0. 16:00 hrs IST: The two batsmen near fifty. After 14 overs, it’s 93/0. 15:57 hrs IST: New Zealand is just not able to stop the class of these two English over. After 13 overs, it’s 86/0.15:55 hrs IST: New Zealand desperately in need of a wicket. 10 runs from it. After 12 overs, it’s 78/0. 15:50 hrs IST: A good over for New Zealand. Just one came off it. After 11 overs, it’s 68/0.15:45 hrs IST: The first 10 overs belong to England here. They came with a set plan and have been able to execute it perfectly. The host know that they need a win here to qualify, and they are playing according to that. After 10 overs, it’s 67/0. 15:40 hrs IST: Seven runs from the over. After 9 overs, it’s 66/0. 15:35 hrs IST: Another good over for England. Six came off it. After 8 overs, it’s 59/0. 15:30 hrs IST: 50-run stand between Bairstow and Roy. Five runs from the over. After 7 overs, it’s 53/0. 15:25 hrs IST: Jason Roy and Jonny Bairstow are hammering the ball all around the ground, and New Zealand seems to be on backfoot. After 6 overs, it’s 48/0. 15:20 hrs IST: Hat-trick of boundaries from Jonny Bairstow’s willow and England see themselves at 44/0 in 5 overs. 15:16 hrs IST: Both Jason Roy and Jonny Bairstow are off to a solid start against formidable Kiwi bowling line up. A boundary or two is coming in every over. After 4 overs, it’s 31/0. 15:07 hrs IST: Score after 2 overs: Roy 11(12) Bairstow 0(0)15:06 hrs IST: FOUR! Full on the leg and Roy does well to pick the slower one and clips it thourgh square leg for four.  15:04 hrs IST: Trent Bolt comes to the attack from another attack. 15:03 hrs IST: Nine runs off the first over. Score after 1 over: ENG 9-0; Roy 5(6) Bairstow 0(0)15:02 hrs IST: FOUR! Santner gifts the boundry and Roya is off the mark. A full toss was asking to be hit and Roy obliges.15:01 hrs IST: FOUR! Leg byes, the ball almost kissed the leg stump. Roy survive first ball scare and England gets the boundry as well. Are the riding on the luck today? They need it as well.15:00 hrs IST: Roy and Bairstow are at the crease. Roy is on strike. New Zealand is starting with the spin. Santner will open the attack.14:36 hrs IST: Tim Southee is playing his first match of the tournament. He has replaced Locky Ferguson. Also, Mat Henry comes in for Ish Sodhi. New Zealand Playing XI: Martin Guptill, Henry Nicholls, Kane Williamson(c), Ross Taylor, Tom Latham(w), Colin de Grandhomme, James Neesham, Mitchell Santner, Tim Southee, Matt Henry, Trent BoultEngland Playing XI: Jason Roy, Jonny Bairstow, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan(c), Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler(w), Chris Woakes, Liam Plunkett, Jofra Archer, Adil Rashid, Mark Wood14:31 hrs IST: England has won the toss and they have decided to bat first.14:25 hrs IST: Five more minutes for the toss. It’s a fresh wicket with a bit of grass cover. Team winning the toss would like to bat first.14:15 hrs IST: Hello and welcome to News Nation World Cup live blog. England and New Zealand will lock horns against each other in today’s crucial encouter that will most probably decide the course of at least one of the team’s journey in the tournament. Stay with us as we bring you ball by ball commentary. last_img

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