first_imgThe need maintain social distancing may force many to embrase cycling as mode of transportation at least for a while. Thousands of Britons have taken up cycling amid the coronavirus pandemic, with many now planning on riding their bikes to work when they eventually return to the office. According to Victoria Joyce, a former triathlete and clinical tutor in sport physiotherapy and rehabilitation at Liverpool Hope University, having the saddle in the wrong position by just two millimetres is all it takes to sustain an injury. “Cycling is a fantastic way to keep fit. It’s particularly great for those with arthritis, as it reduces the amount of load through particular joints compared with running and walking activities. You’re off-loading the joints and getting them moving in a nice controlled manner. Furthermore, it’s great for your mind because you’re spending time outdoors” she told FEMAIL. Here are some of the things that you must look out for according to the former triathlete. Get the seat height right: The most important thing in terms of injury prevention on a bike is the set-up – and this starts with getting the saddle height correct, whether it’s an old bike or a brand new one. Supportive footwear: Loading… FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 center_img Cycling to work may be the in thing to achieve social distance to work If you’re experiencing pain, numbness or tingling in your toes, if could be as a result of putting too much pressure on the metatarsalgia – a neurological pathway under your foot. ‘It might be caused by uncomfortable trainers, foot position, or your seat being at the incorrect height,’ Invest in cycle shorts: Because of the position you’re in when you’re cycling, you can get some perineal irritation, and that goes for both genders. Cycle shorts will help, anti-chafing lubrications can have you feeling more comfortable. Get the handlebars in the right position Read AlsoOlympic Cycling legend and wife dump 16-year old marriage Don’t go and buy a downhill mountain bike if you’re only commuting to and from work. It’s not going to be ergogenic and efficient. For a standard cyclist, the bars should be about level with the seat.last_img

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