first_imgI am sure you have heard of the exploits of Jose Conseco or Francisco Rodriquez.  Conseco shot off one of his fingers while cleaning his gun.  He is now the subject of every late night comedian’s jokes.  One of these comedian’s said that Conseco could no longer be part of the Top 10 list because he could only count to 9.  Jose, during his playing career, left some doubt as to just how smart he was.  Some of you might remember his attempt to catch a fly ball which eventually hit him in the head and bounced over the fence for a home run.Rodriquez decided to walk barefoot outside the baseball compound in Arizona where his team was holding Spring Training.  Evidently, Francisco forgot that the main plant growing in the desert is a cactus.  It was not reported how long he had to pick needles out of his bare feet.Johnny Quinn, an Olympic bobsledder, locked himself in the bathroom at his team’s complex during the Winter Olympics.  After exhausting his possibilities of getting out, he simply stepped back and ran through the door.  The maintenance man reported that the door had a perfect body shaped hole in it.  You decide which of these 3 wins the “dumb or dumber” award.last_img

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