first_imgThe Lika Destination cluster connects entities in the Lika destination from various branches of tourism (producers, associations, travel agencies, tourist boards, catering facilities, hotels, small renters, attractions, etc.) thus unifying the tourist offer. And what is extremely important within the Lika Quality brand is included 169 certified Lika Quality products, with 62 manufacturers.  TripAdvisor is a portal that offers information on more than 93 thousand destinations worldwide, more than 520 thousand hotels, over 715 thousand restaurants, 155 thousand attractions, 500 and more million reviews from travelers around the world, and over 8 million photos posted on page by travelers. Destination profile Like on TripAdvisor Almost 60% of the area of ​​Lika is located in the ecological network NATURE 2000, is the natural border of Velebit and the Adriatic Sea, and three types of climate alternate (Mediterranean, continental and mountainous). As many as three of the 8 Croatian national parks are located in Lika. In addition to the most famous national park in Europe, Plitvice Lakes National Park, there are also Paklenica National Park and Northern Velebit National Park, Velebi National Parkt, but also a number of other natural phenomena at all levels of protection. Lika has always been known for healthy tasty food, and the Lika Destination Cluster also brands the destination as a gastro-destination through a brand of locally produced food, drinks and souvenirs gathered under the brand. Lika Quality. From the area of ​​cultural heritage, the most important is the birthplace of Nikola Tesla, Smiljan, where it is located today Nikola Tesla Memorial Center Smiljan. And this is just a short description of the destination, which certainly offers a lot more. Since its establishment in 2017, Cluster Lika Destination makes efforts in the field of destination management. It is the world’s largest community of travel enthusiasts and the most visited tourist sites in the world, where tourists can get objective information, advice and opinions from millions of travelers to make their trip planned.center_img TripAdvisor has become a starting point when planning a trip, including segments of the entire trip, from arrival, accommodation, stay in the destination, and return to the starting point. When talking about a destination, one should always look at the bigger picture. Thus, in the Lika Destination Cluster, they see the image of Lika as a unique wider destination that they create in the perceptions of tourists.  Exactly in order to make the complete tourist offer of the destination Lika as accessible as possible to tourists, open is the first TripAdvisor destination profile in the area called Lika Destination. By opening the destination profile, tourists are able to see the offer of the destination Lika in one place and to decide whether to visit the destination based on the content and ratings of previous visitors. How does it look like Lika Destination TripAdvisor Profile see attached. Attachment: Lika Destination TripAdvisor Profilelast_img

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