first_imgAs Holy Week comes to a close and Easter break approaches, Saint Mary’s students will celebrate the holiday weekend and the end of Lent with family, friends and the Easter Bunny. Like many Saint Mary’s students who visit family during break, junior Anna Capannari will return home to Ohio, where her family participates in a Cincinnati Easter tradition. “My family and I walk the steps of Immaculate Church on Good Friday for the Stations of the Cross,” Capannari said. Junior Caroline Gallagher said she is looking forward to returning home to Connecticut and watching her nieces and nephews participate in family traditions. “I really enjoy watching [my nieces and nephews] run around during the Easter egg hunt,” Gallagher said. “They remind me of how my cousins and I used to run like chickens with our heads cut off, searching for the golden egg.” Junior Maria Malm said she celebrates Easter Sunday in a less traditional manner. “My family likes to go golfing on Easter,” Malm said. Junior Hannah Murdoch said she enjoys her neighborhood’s Easter egg hunt because someone from the neighborhood dresses up in an Easter Bunny costume each year. “This year, I’m going to dress up like the Easter Bunny, and maybe find some real bunnies to hop around with,” she said. Other students are looking forward to the end of Lenten sacrifices. Although many students gave up certain foods or activities for season, some were more successful than others in remaining committed to their goals. First-year student Maeve Curley said she abstained from lemonade and swearing during Lent. “I have not drank any lemonade, but I have sworn a few times,” Curley said. “Every time I swear, I put money into a swearing jar… So far the jar has $40 in it. I plan on donating that money to charity.” Other students struggled to go without their favorite treats and guilty pleasures for all forty days of Lent. “I tried to stop eating junk food and visiting my favorite blog, but that only lasted a week,” junior Mariah Niedbalski said.last_img

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