first_imgHow does AppSync fit into the XtremIO iCDM solution? Building on our scale-out performance foundation, XtremIO arrays leverage XtremIO Virtual Copy (XVC) technology. XVC abstracts the copy operations as unique in-memory metadata operations. XVC allows instant, high performance copies of any data set of almost any application, in nearly any quantity desired, entirely space-efficient, with data services like inline deduplication, compression and encryption, and with no impact on production or other copies’ SLAs. The AppSync iCDM Starter Bundle sits above the array to integrate with rich application workflow orchestration and automation, and to offer self-service to the application, development, and database teams. This is far more than just free software – this bundled offering enables XtremIO customers to take full advantage of AppSync’s powerful capabilities out-of-the-box as a fully supported capability of the array, including:Full support and maintenance for AppSync with supported XtremIO arraysUnlimited XtremIO Virtual Copies (and up to 20 simultaneously mounted copies)Unlimited refresh/restore operationsUnlimited number of hostsAll supported AppSync applicationsUnlimited effective capacityUnlimited monitoring & reportingAnd if customer needs grow beyond the initial scalability limits, it’s simple to upgrade to the full-scale AppSync version.  Want to see XtremIO AppSync in action for creating and refreshing Oracle lifecycle copies? Check out our Oracle iCDM demo.With XtremIO’s newest AppSync data service for iCDM, customers should now ask themselves a powerful question:“With no more SLA or capacity risks, why not unleash our database, application, and development teams to make their own self-service copies?”For More information:IDC Customer Case Study on XtremIO iCDMOracle iCDM Dev/Test Copy & Refresh DemoiCDM InfographicXtremIO iCDM Data SheetEMC AppSync Data The heart of EMC XtremIO’s breakthrough workload consolidation and business process agility benefits is our integrated Copy Data Management (iCDM). As discussed in a separate blog, iCDM is the unique integration to consolidate both primary production data and its non-production copies on the same scale-out all-flash array. Today we announce our newest XtremIO data service: the free bundling of EMC AppSync services with every XtremIO array for powerful application and database integration, orchestration, and self-service. We believe no other array (and no other all-flash array) offers this!The EMC AppSync iCDM Starter Bundle software is a critical enabler in the iCDM stack for true application integration and orchestration for Oracle, SQL Server, Exchange, and VMware environments. The AppSync iCDM Starter Bundle is a full-featured standard AppSync solution that supports unlimited unmounted copies for data protection and up to 20 simultaneously mounted copies per array for test/dev and analytics. And of course all of our existing XtremIO customers are entitled to free downloads as well!last_img

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