first_imgIn 1991, Ween released 23-track staple record The Pod, their second studio album after GodWeenSatan: The Oneness. Dean and Gene Ween were in their early 20’s and exploring themselves musically, while also maintaining their raging personalities. Any concert at Tribeca’s Wetlands Preserve was a night for the books, so when the duo came to town, things got extra brown. This particular performance included “Captain Fantasy,” “Tender Situation,” “Cover It With Gas and Set It on Fire,” and two attempts at “The Goin’ Gets Tough From the Getgo.”Watch their full performance from October 12, 1991, below, courtesy of J. Parish.Setlist: Ween | The Wetlands Preserve | New York | 10/12/1991Squelch the Weasel, Stacey, Captain Fantasy, Boing, Marble Tulip Juicy Tree, Puerto Rican Power, Tender Situation, Seconds, Reggaejunkiejew, The Wind, The Goin’ Gets Tough From the Getgo (unfinished), Cover It With Gas and Set It on Fire, Sketches of Winkle, You Fucked Up, Fat Lenny, TickNotes: Goin’ Gets Tough attempted twicelast_img

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