first_imgImmature Cooper’s Hawk in Wilton. (Tom Oliver)Deer at the edge of a field in Wilton. (Tom Oliver)Buck and doe in a field in Wilton. (Tom Oliver)Male Eastern Bluebird leaving the nest box after feeding the young in my backyard. (Tom Oliver)Northern Crescent butterfly in Wilton. (Tom Oliver)Immature Hairy Woodpecker in Wilton. (Tom Oliver)I adore grasshoppers. (Kelly Dilello)Ferry houses are spread throughout the woods of Monhegan. A rather rich ferry with its large cache of acorns! (Jane Knox)Hot summer sun setting as clouds begin to gather for our first heavy rain in some time! (Jane Knox)Monhegan Island waited weeks for this final arrival of rain clouds to head of a serious drought! (Jane Knox)Full August blooms decorate Maine’s summer cottages on Monhegan. This is the Dolan House! (Jane Knox)Rangeley has waited a long time for rain clouds and they finally came Saturday. The drought is over! (Jane Knox)A late summer flower medley in Monhegan draws back repeated guests every summer, some with paint brush in hand some with cameras. (Jane Knox)A haze spread over Monhegan as the drought ended and storms arrived. (Jane Knox)I had the amazing opportunity to go on the last trip of the season for the Bold Coast Seabird trip out of Cutler, Maine to Machias Seal Island. It was an absolutely amazing opportunity to be among the Puffin colony there. The weather and seas allowed a landing, and the group of 15 passengers was divided up into 4 observation blinds. . . with Puffins everywhere! The island hosts nesting Murres, Razorbills, Arctic Terns and Puffins. The terns and Puffins were still there, but the Murres and Razorbills have fledged their young and departed for the ocean. The puffins will soon do the same. The sounds were as incredible as the sights, it was a great experience! Atlantic Puffin on Machias Seal Island. (Steve Muise)Atlantic Puffin on Machias Seal Island. (Steve Muise)Atlantic Puffin on Machias Seal Island. (Steve Muise)Atlantic Puffin on Machias Seal Island – Puffins dig burrows to raise their young, and their webbed feet include claws for that purpose. (Steve Muise)Puffin group on Machias Seal Island. (Steve Muise)last_img

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