first_imgHow does AppSync fit into the XtremIO iCDM solution? Building on our scale-out performance foundation, XtremIO arrays leverage XtremIO Virtual Copy (XVC) technology. XVC abstracts the copy operations as unique in-memory metadata operations. XVC allows instant, high performance copies of any data set of almost any application, in nearly any quantity desired, entirely space-efficient, with data services like inline deduplication, compression and encryption, and with no impact on production or other copies’ SLAs. The AppSync iCDM Starter Bundle sits above the array to integrate with rich application workflow orchestration and automation, and to offer self-service to the application, development, and database teams. This is far more than just free software – this bundled offering enables XtremIO customers to take full advantage of AppSync’s powerful capabilities out-of-the-box as a fully supported capability of the array, including:Full support and maintenance for AppSync with supported XtremIO arraysUnlimited XtremIO Virtual Copies (and up to 20 simultaneously mounted copies)Unlimited refresh/restore operationsUnlimited number of hostsAll supported AppSync applicationsUnlimited effective capacityUnlimited monitoring & reportingAnd if customer needs grow beyond the initial scalability limits, it’s simple to upgrade to the full-scale AppSync version.  Want to see XtremIO AppSync in action for creating and refreshing Oracle lifecycle copies? Check out our Oracle iCDM demo.With XtremIO’s newest AppSync data service for iCDM, customers should now ask themselves a powerful question:“With no more SLA or capacity risks, why not unleash our database, application, and development teams to make their own self-service copies?”For More information:IDC Customer Case Study on XtremIO iCDMOracle iCDM Dev/Test Copy & Refresh DemoiCDM InfographicXtremIO iCDM Data SheetEMC AppSync Data The heart of EMC XtremIO’s breakthrough workload consolidation and business process agility benefits is our integrated Copy Data Management (iCDM). As discussed in a separate blog, iCDM is the unique integration to consolidate both primary production data and its non-production copies on the same scale-out all-flash array. Today we announce our newest XtremIO data service: the free bundling of EMC AppSync services with every XtremIO array for powerful application and database integration, orchestration, and self-service. We believe no other array (and no other all-flash array) offers this!The EMC AppSync iCDM Starter Bundle software is a critical enabler in the iCDM stack for true application integration and orchestration for Oracle, SQL Server, Exchange, and VMware environments. The AppSync iCDM Starter Bundle is a full-featured standard AppSync solution that supports unlimited unmounted copies for data protection and up to 20 simultaneously mounted copies per array for test/dev and analytics. And of course all of our existing XtremIO customers are entitled to free downloads as well!last_img read more

first_imgDell EMC has improved the Future-Proof Storage Loyalty Program with the addition of high end, unstructured and data protection storage products and straightforward support pricing.Since Dell EMC announced the midrange products in the Future-Proof Storage Loyalty Program less than 30 days ago, the response has been everything we could have hoped for. The feedback has been tremendous because the program offers buyers a sense of security and confidence when making a purchase decision.Customers, partners, and even competitors all appreciate the business and technology value embodied by the program. Yet the one common question has been, “When do other products join the program?”  So in keeping with the customer-first value of our culture code, Dell EMC answered by adding new products to the Future-Proof Storage Loyalty Program in the form of high-end, unstructured, and data protection storage products. And we bring the Clear Price Maintenance Framework for Storage Appliances, which we communicated to our ‘family’ at Dell EMC World last May, into the Future-Proof program.This announcement adds Dell EMC VMAX All-Flash, XtremIO X2, Isilon, ECS (Elastic Cloud Storage) appliance, Data Domain and Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) to the list of products along with the midrange Dell EMC Unity and SC Series products in the Future-Proof Storage Loyalty Program.Future-Proof is a customer program designed to provide investment protection with a set of world-class technology capabilities and programs that enable Dell EMC storage products to provide value for the entire lifetime of applications. The Future-Proof program is different from other offers because there is no additional cost in terms of product price and only a standard maintenance contract is required.Each of the benefits above are tailored to match the unique capabilities of each of the products and the specific requirements of the products’ respective users. And Clear Price delivers fair, cost-effective and predictable support costs for storage appliances.New Future-Proof Storage Loyalty Program highlights include:Products in the program now all carry a 3-Year Satisfaction Guarantee.Hardware Investment Protection has been a hallmark of Dell EMC primary storage products and is carried to VMAX All Flash, XtremIO X2, Isilon, Data Domain and IDPA in addition to Dell EMC Unity and SC Series.The Clear Price Maintenance Framework for Storage Appliances (Clear Price) is available for all products except SC Series.All-Flash products carry the 4:1 All-Flash Storage Efficiency Guarantee.Never-Worry Data Migrations help users transition to new storage technologies, led by VMAX All Flash, Isilon, and ECS, in addition to Dell EMC Unity and SC Series.All-Inclusive Software is provided for VMAX All Flash – shipping with its FX Package, XtremIO X2 and ECS, along with Dell EMC Unity and SC All-Flash products, to enable customers to get up and running with the software and licenses that come in the box.Built-In Virtustream Storage Cloud benefit is available only with Dell EMC Unity.As a user of Dell EMC storage, the Future-Proof Storage Loyalty Program delivers lower acquisition and support costs as products evolve and improve, simple technology transitions, and the peace of mind that customers get more than what they pay for – backed by written guarantees.Simply put, Future-Proof is all about our customers and offering them what we believe is the best loyalty program in the industry.Please visit to learn more, or consult a storage expert at Dell EMC or your favorite Dell EMC channel partner to see exactly how these benefits apply to you._______________________________________________________________________________________Satisfaction Guarantee: Requires purchase of a 3-year ProSupport agreement. Compliance is based on product specifications. Any refund will be prorated.Hardware Investment Protection: Trade-In value determined based on market conditions at Dell EMC’s sole discretion.4:1 Storage Efficiency Guarantee: Requires customer signature and purchase of ProSupport with Mission Critical.Never-Worry Migrations: Does not include data transfer services. Customer responsible for ensuring data is backed-up.Built-in Virtustream Storage Cloud: Benefit available only with Dell EMC Unity purchase; Free capacity is limited to 20% of purchased storage capacity.All-Inclusive Software: Includes select software needed to store and manage data. TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY. Valid only on direct purchases or through participating Channel Partners who offer reciprocal program benefits to their customers. See your Dell EMC sales representative or Channel Partner for details.last_img read more

first_imgApril is Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month, and I’ve always tried to express my support. I shared articles, participated in events, and cheered on autistic kids. It never occurred to me that I could be on the spectrum.I’ve held multiple communications roles, but sarcastic comments always flew over my head. I do relationship management for the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network, but I was struggling with social interactions in my personal life. The smallest disruption in routine was hard to handle. I suffered unbearable pain from bright lights and reflections.When I was evaluated and diagnosed with Asperger’s, I finally had a name for my sensitivities. All of a sudden, I was the person I had advocated for in the past!I was advised not to share my diagnosis at work. Indeed, young adults with autism are more likely to be unemployed and isolated. Thankfully, though, Dell has always encouraged bringing your whole self to work, and I carefully revealed this significant aspect of my life to my team. This risky move was met with overwhelming support, and we’ve all made changes so that I can be my best self at work. My team believes neurodiversity isn’t a hindrance, but an opportunity to approach things differently.Here’s my advice for anyone trying to navigate autism in the workplace, especially those diagnosed as adults:Consult with a mental health specialist. Autism isn’t on a linear spectrum; it’s like a painting where some things are absolute/obvious or abstract/disguised. In fact, because we’ve historically assumed autism looks a certain way, many girls were not diagnosed or were diagnosed later in life (like me!). If you have a hunch, I encourage you to meet with a specialist to start your journey. It’s scary making that call, sitting in that office, and talking about your challenges to a stranger, but hopefully you’ll walk out with some confidence that you’re one step closer to an answer.You don’t have to do this alone. If you’re afraid to go to your family or friends, there are still many people who want to help you: specialists, communities, organizations, strangers, etc. When I had a hard time finding a psychologist to evaluate me, Dell’s Employee Assistance Program found a doctor and helped set up the appointment. Being vulnerable doesn’t mean you’re weak, but it does give you an opportunity to discover the strength of your support system.Say what you need. You don’t have to share anything you don’t want to; it’s your journey to own. For me, revealing my diagnosis provided context for my social interactions and workstyle. However, that may be too risky for some people. You can still express what you need without revealing anything. Use phrases such as “I may have misunderstood what you said. I heard xx, is that right?” When there are many changes, I try to be more of a leader so that I’m ahead of the situation and not surprised. I’ve even made adjustments to my workspace to reduce sensory distractions.Finally, a word of advice to managers of employees with autism: Be patient and compassionate. If they ask more questions than what’s normally expected or they react in a way that’s unusual to you, choose to be more patient. Choose to have empathy for someone who doesn’t process social cues, language, or sensory information like you and is doing their best to be good team member. A supportive supervisor can make all the difference.When I told my colleagues that I have autism, many said they never would have guessed. With continued awareness and acceptance, eventually we will get to a point where autism is no longer something to hide or disguise, and we respect each other’s differences and needs.Want to work in an environment that allows everyone to be their best selves and do their best work? Check out our open positions!And learn more about Sheila de Guzman’s story here:last_img read more

first_imgCouldn’t attend this event? No worries! Ramon Ray, editor of Smart Hustle Magazine, spoke with an “A-list” of business owners who were there to get their advice on the power of technology in their business, and he shares the highlights here: National Small Business Week is an annual event put on by the Small Business Administration (SBA) to celebrate the small business community. This year small business week will run from April 30-May 5, 2018.Dell is a huge proponent of small businesses. From our early days in Michael Dell’s dorm room, small business and entrepreneurship have been part of who we are.This year, we are venturing to Brooklyn, NY for a two-day EXTRAVAGANZA for small businesses.Can’t make it to NY? We will be livestreaming via and the Dell for Business Facebook page.The two-day event will feature games, products, giveaways, speakers, educational sessions, and more.Dell’s small business partners including Microsoft, McAfee, Intuit Quickbooks, Salesforce, Bumble Bizz, Cosmopolitan Magazine, and more will be taking part in programming to provide valuable insights for attendees and livestream viewers.Talks will range from funding options for small businesses to data security, productivity, and so much more! We will have experts, speakers, influencers, and local business owners on hand to talk about their business journey.Rob Walsh from 1010 Wins and “The Bottom Line for Small Business” podcast will join Dell to kick off our evening reception on Friday, May 4. The reception will include a happy hour with six contestants from the hit-show Shark Tank.On Saturday (May 5) join us early to meet with Bumble Bizz and see how this dating app is facilitating business connections in the digital age.We will close our Saturday evening (4-6 pm) with a Small Business Cinco de Mayo Party like no other!As you get ready to celebrate Small Business Week with us, here’s five fast fact you might not know about small business:There are 29 million small businesses in the US.Michael Dell originally incorporated his company as Dell Computer Corporation, doing business as PC’s LimitedSmall businesses make up 99.9 percent of businesses in the US.Dell’s Small Business advisor program allows small businesses of any size to have a free advisor to consult on their technology needs.Sixty-six percent of small businesses say they take a “do-it-yourself” approach to IT.last_img read more

first_imgAs we kick off the Data Decade and Dell Technologies’ new fiscal year, I’d like to extend a huge thank you to our Dell Technologies Partners, who have delivered $52B in orders over the past year.* While this performance is outstanding, it’s just the tip of the iceberg as we embark on the Roaring 20s.I’m excited to announce that we’ve officially launched the 2020 Dell Technologies Partner Program. This year, we have dramatically simplified the program structure; we are investing in acquisition; and we are building an end-to-end experience to accelerate velocity and improve predictability. Every investment we’re making this year is designed to empower you to serve customers better and deliver business outcomes faster than ever before. In addition to our powerful partner program, there’s so much more to be excited about – innovation, industry leadership, and the determination to be your #1 partner. The 2020 Dell Technologies Global Partner Kickoff is live now! Learn about the 2020 program updates and how to maximize the value of your partnership with Dell Technologies.Jay SnyderThe Global Partner Kickoff is presented in a video format so you can quickly and easily access the topics that are most relevant to your business – at any time, and from anywhere. You can also access updated program resources on the partner portal.In the State of the Business, I share an update on the Dell Technologies channel business, FY21 priorities, and more. I’m also joined by Bill Scannell, President, Global Sales & Customer Operations, for a conversation on our newly combined salesforce and what’s to come this year.Jay Snyder, Senior Vice President, Global Alliances, provides an update on the State of the Dell Technologies Global Alliances business, FY21 priorities, and expectations for the coming year.Darren SullivanDarren Sullivan, Senior Vice President, Global Partner Strategy, Programs and Operations, discusses opportunities presented through the 2020 Dell Technologies Partner Program updates and our overall partner experience vision.In addition, the Global Partner Kickoff includes updates on regional specific channel priorities, go-to-market strategy, and more from the following channel leaders:Gregg Ambulos, Senior Vice President, North America Channel SalesTian Beng Ng, Senior Vice President & General Manager, APJ ChannelsAlvaro Camarena, Senior Vice President, LATAM ChannelAnwar Dahab, Senior Vice President, Channel EMEAHenry Cao, Senior Vice President, Greater China Channel SalesLet’s Bring it in 2020!Our opportunity is enormous, our momentum is strong, and our partnerships are more solid than ever. This is our year to help customers turn data into one of their most valuable assets – and it starts right now.Get social! Share your excitement and feedback on Twitter – be sure to follow and tag @DellTechPartner and use #DellTechPartnerKickoff.*This amount primarily represents orders attributable to the Dell Technologies Partner Program on a TTM basis through Q3FY20, and also includes an estimate of VMware orders attributable to VMware channel partners on a TTM basis through Q3FY20.last_img read more

first_imgThe “Maltese Falcon” is celebrating its 80th anniversary and is returning to theaters through Fathom Events for a limited engagement on Wednesday. Danny Huston, son of the film’s director, John Huston, says that it’s like a good book and you discover new things with every revisit. He says his father got to enjoy his own legacy during his long life — he died in 1987 at age 81 — but that he likely wouldn’t have believed that 80 years later the film would still be a topic of discussion. But, Huston laughed, “He would certainly be delighted.”last_img

first_imgBERLIN (AP) — A German classical music foundation says it has found the rightful heirs of a Jewish woman who was forced by the Nazis to sell two scores by composer Franz Liszt before being deported to a concentration camp. Klassik Stiftung Weimar said Wednesday that researchers were able to trace relatives of Emma Frankenbacher living in Argentina, where her daughter and son-in-law had fled Nazi persecution in the 1930s. Frankenberger died at 67 in the Theresienstadt concentration camp. She was forced to sell the two handwritten manuscripts to a Liszt museum in 1937. The foundation said it has now reached an agreement with the heirs to buy the scores for the museum. It didn’t disclose the purchase price.last_img

first_imgSAN RAMON, Calif. (AP) — Apple CEO Tim Cook has fired off a series of thinly veiled shots at Facebook and other social media companies. Cook is escalating an online privacy battle pitting the iPhone maker against digital services that depend on tracking people to help sell ads. In a video presentation at a tech conference Thursday, Cook said social networking services’ invasive and misleading tactics could lead to a social catastrophe. His remarks came as Apple prepares to roll out a privacy control in the early spring to prevent iPhone apps from secretly shadowing people. The feature has irked Facebook and other services that depend on such data surveillance to help sell ads.last_img

first_imgISLAMABAD (AP) — The military says Pakistan has successfully test-fired a short range surface-to-surface ballistic missile capable of carrying nuclear and conventional warheads up to 290 kilometers (about 180 miles). In a statement Wednesday it said the launch of the Ghaznavi missile was the “culminating point” of an annual field training exercise by Pakistan’s  Army Strategic Forces Command. The statement said Lt. Gen. Muhammad Ali, commander of ASFC commended the force’s “operational preparedness” and its “handling and operating the weapon system.” Pakistan’s nuclear and missile program is primarily aimed at countering threats from neighboring India.last_img

first_imgLOS ANGELES (AP) — A hearing in a lawsuit seeking solutions for the homelessness crisis in Los Angeles has been held not in a courthouse or via webcam, but at a shelter in the heart of the city’s Skid Row. Judge David Carter presided from a folding table Thursday under a large tent in the shelter’s parking lot, where encampments line the surrounding sidewalks. The judge is overseeing a case that accuses the city and county of failing to address the desperate situations that homeless people face. Carter said he held the hearing because he worries people are “not seeing and feeling” the reality on the ground.last_img