first_imgMcDonald’s is the largest toy distributor in the world thanks to Happy Meal sales. Recently though, they made an unexpected switch: they swapped toys for fitness trackers.It was all down to timing, of course. With the 2016 Summer Games kicking off in Rio, McDonald’s figured that they should maybe do a little something to get kids active. Happy Meal prizes tend not to be the sort of things that cost a whole lot of money to produce, though, so they had to keep it simple.The solution: specially-sized step counters made for little arms that just finished repeatedly lifting a cheeseburger or pack of McNuggets. It seems like a nice enough way to get kids up and moving, you know… to burn off the calories and fat from their Happy Meals. Which, to be fair, are still healthier than the majority of the salads that “health-conscious” grown-ups are ordering at McD’s.Unfortunately, their plan came off the rails rather quickly. McDonald’s had to axe the promotion after customers’ children started developing skin abrasions from wearing the StepIt counters. I just happen to have one in my house, and it’s easy to see why. The band looks soft and squishy, but it’s actually fairly stiff — and the edges are rough 90-degree bends, not nice, gradual curves. The “clasp” also sticks up far enough through the band that it could easily cause discomfort.But hey, before everyone piles on McDonald’s for their marketing tactics and menu one more time, let’s not forget that there are plenty of fancier, sit-down restaurants serving up food that’s far less healthy than Happy Meals and Big Macs. Most of them don’t even bother to pretend to want to get kids who eat there active.They should’ve gotten Mac Tonight to hawk these.last_img read more